As part of Swanton Weld’s commitment to offering clients full-service product manufacturing, we have acquired a GFS downdraft paint booth for handling all industrial painting and blasting jobs.

Our deluxe paint booth allows for advanced airflow management and contamination control, and is complete with various lifts and a bake-on cure feature that bakes on the finish for better paint quality. In addition, our paint booth includes multi-filtered air, T-8 color corrected tubes as well as optional cure packages.

Our powder coater has a 30″ x 60″ opening with 120″ length load bar along with a 5-stage pretreatment system, stainless steel construction, stage-1 heated, conveyor line, dry-off and bake oven. Specifications include ITW GEMA, Nordson Prodigy II gun, Easytronic gun and control unit, with flat, profile, and recoat settings.

Meeting the needs of a high-production environment, our certified industrial painting, blasting and powder coating services can work with products measuring up to 75′ x 32′ x 28′. We invite you to contact our company today to learn more about our newest painting technology.