Steel Processing Services

As part of our metal fabrication services, Swanton Welding & Machining performs a variety of cutting processes on a broad selection of materials such as mild, stainless, aluminum, heavy plate, and thin gauge metal. We even cut rubber, plastics and acrylic. mild steel can be cut up to 3/4″.

We also have a 40′ Ficep beam line. Our Ficep beam line is fully automated and has CNC control for accurate sawing to length and hole drilling in beams, channels, angles and flat bar.

We possess five CO2 laser cutting machines equipped with a 4,000 watt power supply and a 80″ x 160″ table, while our ESAB plasma cutting machinery possesses a 120″ x 240″ table. Our flow water jets can work with parts measuring up to 6′ x 12′, and up to 6′ thick. With our advanced cutting operations, we can manage production runs from one-off prototypes to 10,000 units. Contact Swanton today to learn more about our advanced cutting technology.