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Custom Fabrication and Welding Capabilities

eBook Cover Image Mock - Custom Fabrication and Welding CapabilitiesSee how we can help you with your next Custom Fabrication Project

Swanton Welding and Machining is committed to assisting you to meet all of your project requirements. With 60 years’ experience, state of the art equipment, skilled work force, and plenty of shop capabilities we will supply you with a quality job consistently. We are dedicated to continual process improvement.

With an in-house CWI, our welders are certified to meet the highest quality standards. Swanton Welding & Machining is always striving to be the best fabrication shop we can be. We invite you to contact Swanton Welding and Machining to see how we may assist you.

See What We Can Do.

Download the Capabilities Statement For Our Custom Fabrication and Welding Services

Download Capabilities Statement