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Custom Metal Fabrication

Metal fabrication is a process that involves bending and cutting metal to form a specific, boilerplate structure or product. In comparison, custom metal fabrication involves cutting materials in a specific way to meet the needs of customers instead of attempting to maintain a standard look or size. 

At Swanton Welding, uses a wide range of specialized industrial equipment, combined with our skilled craftsmen to create our custom metal fabrication projects.


Process of Custom Metal Fabrication

Swanton Welding’s custom metal fabrication starts in our estimating department. Our estimators work closely with our project managers and purchasers to make sure we can acquire the raw material your custom metal fab project needs.

We have a Certified Welding Inspector on staff, who will also review the project. Our CWI makes sure we stay up to date on the latest technologies and that our staff is trained and certified in the processes you need for your project. 

Metals start the process in one of two forms; structural and sheet metal. Sheet metal is available as rectangular sheets or rolls of different thicknesses and sizes. If sheet metal is thicker than 3/16” it is referred to as a plate. 

On the other hand, structural metal comes formed into different shapes from the start, the most common ones being HSS, channels, beams, and angles. 

The process of custom metal fabrication occurs in three stages; metal cutting, forming, and assembly.

Metal Cutting

Here several tools like notches, punches, lasers, plasmas, shears, and saws are used.

Straight-line cuts are made using saws, with the cut of material needed determining the saw that is used.

Beams are passed through Swanton Welding’s Beam Line so they can be cut into various sizes.

When more articulate cuts are required shears are used and, like saws, the cut of metal required determines the size of shear.

Lasers and plasmas are used to cut more complex shapes like circles and complex curves. They are usually controlled by computers and can cut any metal with precision.

Notches and punches are used for creating openings on metals of any size or shape using high pressure.


Custom Fabrication Project Of A Converter By Swanton WeldingForming happens after metals are cut. Machines generating a great deal of force and pressure are used to give the metal its desired shape.

The main techniques used to form the shapes are press baking and rolling, both of which can be used to form metals of a huge range of thicknesses and sizes.

Press Brake Projects:

We can roll:

Swanton Welding stays up to date on the latest technologies and updated machinery. Our rolling capabilities have drastically improved in the last few years. Using these new machines have increased Swanton Welding’s already robust rolling capabilities and adds new services for our customers. Swanton Welding has the experience, skills, and the right equipment to get your job done efficiently and with the highest quality materials.


Once the metals have been formed, they are assembled and joined. This process typically involves welding the pieces together with intense heat without compromising the integrity of the individual pieces. It is at this time that the final product comes together and all of the earlier metal shapings serve its intended purpose.

Our skilled welders and fabricators maintain a high level of certification. We take pride in our welders and staff and provide professional development so they can expand their skill set. An experienced skilled fabrication team allows Swanton Welding to offer a wide range of diverse services for our customers.


Having a Certified Welding Inspector (CWI)on staff at your fabrication company shows that the company is willing to make an investment to get the job done right. Swanton Welding has a dedicated Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) in-house that inspects every project.

Swanton’s in-house certified welding inspector has the ability to ensure that your fabrication project adheres to all the requirements, before, during, and after your project is completed.

Our CWI inspects the requirements and welding codes of a project before any work is completed. They also review all the documents and testing records of anyone working on the project to make sure they are certified to perform the work – before the work begins. These checks and balances help ensure your fabrication project has the right people, material, and certifications all lined up before work begins.

Having an inspector on staff at your fabrication company shows that the company is willing to make an investment to get the job done right. An inspector follows the project throughout helping make adjustments to make sure that Swanton Welding’s high-quality standards are met.

Having a CWI on staff helps us continue to maintain best practices and safety standards for our staff and your fabrication project.

Cost of Custom Metal Fabrication Products

Metal fabricator welding inside an oversized projectMany businesses who contact Swanton Welding require custom fabrication solutions for a wide variety of applications. As each product is made specifically to match your needs, it is natural to ask yourself what you will pay for these services.

This number will be based on many factors:


The size of the custom metal fabrication project that you need to be completed will have a great influence on the overall cost as larger products will use more labor and materials.

We have three facilities to meet your needs:

  • Swanton Welding Headquarters Swanton, Ohio
  • Heavy Fabrication, Wauseon, Ohio
  • Southern Facility, Griffin, GA

Our Southern and Swanton Main facility can handle almost any custom fabrication. However, if you have an oversized piece, our heavy fabrication may be a better fit for your build. All three facilities have the same high-quality standards and attention to detail that Swanton Welding customers have come to know.


The metal used for custom fabrication will affect the price too. Metals that are commonly utilized include aluminum and stainless steel.

However, depending on the type of project other metals like tungsten, brass, and copper may be used as well.
Alloys will be used in most custom fabrications and in some cases precious metals like platinum, gold, or silver will be incorporated.

Types of Processes

The processes which will be used to design your custom fabricated metalwork will influence the price too. Some commonly used processes are punching, rolling, bending, and metal cutting.

Assembly is always performed by Swanton Welding’s experienced fabricators, and welding will be required in most cases.

The total cost will be influenced too by the number of processes that will have to be carried out.

Their complexity will play a role in the total cost of the custom fabrication.

Finishing Services – Industrial Painting, Powder Coating and Blasting

There is no need to subcontract your finishing services for your fabrication project. At Swanton Welding, we can handle the finishing your project needs before arriving at its destination. We can handle all industrial paint, powder coating, or blasting jobs with our high-performance equipment and provide you with the required profile for your project.

Paint & Powder Coat Booths

  • 75’ x 32’ x 28’
  • 50’ x 14’ x 16’
  • 48’ x 14’ x 14’

Powder Coat Line

  • 2’ x 4’ x 6’ (up to 250lbs)

Blast Booth

  • 60’ x 16’ x 14’
  • Continuous Reclaim System
  • 120 PSI Operating Pressure
  • Can Blast Carbon Steel, Stainless & Aluminum
  • Media: G80 Steel Grit & G80 Australian Garnet


Utilizing the latest technology and techniques combined with our highly skilled workforce allows Swanton Welding to offer a wide range of capabilities. Swanton Welding can fabricate, construct, assemble, inspect, disassemble, and ship your project to its location.

Conveniently located near major transportation hubs, Swanton Welding can utilize a combination of truck, air, rail, or ship to transport your metal fabrication project from Swanton Welding to its destination.

Our Northwest Ohio facilities are located just off the I80/90 Turnpike, the Great Lakes, and I75. Griffin, GA facility is located just outside of Atlanta, GA, and can easily transport your project throughout the south or internationally via the Port of Savannah.

Wherever your project’s final destination, Swanton Welding can deliver.

Industries Served

Swanton Welding offers a diverse range of services for many industries. With our quality certifications and our skilled workforce, we are able to complete fabrication projects that help keep America strong.

  • Aerospace
  • Agricultural
  • Architecture
  • Chemical
  • Construction mining
  • Oil & gas, industrial
  • Alternative energy
  • Food and beverage
  • Government

How to Save on Custom Fabrication

Piggy bank and a hand in the color red to demonstrate savings on metal fabrication projects

The best way to save is to and find fabricators that work in a cost-efficient manner and utilize high-quality long-lasting materials, like Swanton Welding. We can work with you to align your drawings to your budget.

Swanton Welding offers a diverse range of services. By doing so, we can help you keep costs down by performing work normally subcontracted out to additional fabrication companies, in-house. We can also manage costly time delays due to shipping snafus.

When you partner with Swanton Welding, your fabrication project becomes our fabrication project and we know that we offer quality custom fabrication at an affordable price.

Integrated Manufacturing & Fabrication Teams, all under one name, Swanton Welding

Swanton Welding is different. Our diverse range of talents and skills set our services apart from other metal fabricators. Swanton Welding offers our customers comprehensive fabrication services at an affordable price. From robots creating widgets to skilled fabricators handcrafting oversized pieces with precision, Swanton Welding is the team your project deserves. Our footprint in the south and midwest enables us to work on almost any fabrication project.

Since 1956, Swanton Welding has been providing our customers with the highest quality services for their metal fabrication needs. Swanton Welding’s experienced team of fabricators, welders, painters, and technicians have enabled Swanton Welding to be the comprehensive fabrication team your project needs.