Swanton Welding Is Now an Approved Structural Fabricator for ODOT

Swanton Welding building exterior, front door

We have some exciting news to share here at Swanton Welding.

As many of you know, two of Swanton Welding’s facilities are located in the State of Ohio. We are now an approved structural fabricator with the Ohio Department of Transportation. This approval means that the hard-working team at Swanton Welding will now be able to contribute to projects related to the transportation infrastructure in Ohio.

There are varying levels of approved members which are fully detailed on the ODOT website. Swanton Welding is a UF member. The ‘UF’ stands for Unique Fabricated member and describes the scope of work we are approved for projects. This work includes curb plates, railings, catwalks, inspection access, special drainage, or other products. We can also retrofit cross frames, retrofit gusset plates, retrofit lateral bracing, or other miscellaneous structural needs.

In addition to the work performed, there are some base-line requirements that were needed in order to gain approval as a UF member. These include:

  1. Preparing shop drawings
  2. Proper facility and equipment requirements
  3. Perform cutting, gouging, cambering, welding, cleaning, and painting of material
  4. Shipping of material to the job site

We look forward to future opportunities with the Ohio Department of Transportation projects and the ability to contribute the Swanton Welding level of quality and workmanship to structures that will aid in transportation needs all across the great State of Ohio.

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