Metal Fabricators working in shop.

Metal Fabricators / Metal Fabrication

Metal dominates over other materials for many applications because of its strength and versatility. This hard material can be pressed, fused, or made into a thin wire (ductile) and be bent out of shape without cracking or fracturing which makes it highly favorable when building a huge range of structures.

Metal Fabrication is implemented into structures such as buildings and bridges. The process starts with a detailed shop drawing and precise measuring before the actual fabrication process begins. The installation of the project completes the process. Structural frames, buildings, railings, individual parts, and heavy equipment are some of the projects which are most common for metal fabrication shops. To give you a better feel for metal fabrication here is a short breakdown of the field:

Process of Metal Fabrication

Custom Metal Fabrication is very popular, especially for smaller projects. Metals such as aluminum, steel, stainless steel, copper, magnesium, and inconel are highly favorable and very versatile. Metal can handle a forming process that other materials cannot. This deformation process begins with using constant force and heat against the metal which makes it bend.

  • Steel Duct Fabrication in processCutting and Burning is done with a wide variety of tools/equipment. Band saws are mostly used because of their strength and the blades are hardened which makes them perfect for this. Abrasive cut-off saws can be used as well using their abrasive steel cutting discs.
  • Forming is a process of applying force against raw materials to bend it into shape. It takes a great amount of force for the process to be successful. Punches and dies are used for this but specialized machinery is used as it can regulate force magnitude. Linear Grafting is an example of (machine based forming) to produce lengths of sheets by combining formation and welding.
  • Machining is a great way to get a certain desired shape. It removes unneeded or unwanted materials from a block of metal.
  • Welding is very important for steel fabrication and is probably the main focus of the entire process. Sometimes extreme heat can cause warping and special procedures may be necessary during this phase.
  • Assembly is the final operation. After inspection, the finished product is ready to be shipped.

Metal fabrication is very technical and skilled. Certain processes must be realized and certain responsibilities must be met by fabricators on a regular basis.

Primary Responsibilities

  1. Fabricating shells or frameworks for machinery, buildings or bridges
  2. Determining and factoring that all parts are present
  3. Grinding, hammering and chipping all workpieces
  4. Interpreting sketches and blueprints
  5. Assembling and studying instructions or directions
  6. Verify any specifications
  7. Assembling any necessary components
  8. Determining product errors
  9. Resolving assembly and product issues
  10. Performing repairs and troubleshooting capabilities

Steel Wall Fabrication in shop.These are just some of the primary responsibilities of fabricators. These tasks are diverse and specialized enough that only an expert will be able to complete all of them with accuracy. For this reason, a fabricator must have extensive training and a great deal of experience in their field to do their job properly. Here at Swanton Welding, we hire only the most experienced and dedicated welders and fabricators to join our team. This helps us ensure the quality of every single metal fabrication project we undertake.

Whether it is heavy fabrication, custom welding, steel processing, CNC machining, or rolling & forming, metal fabricators can give you endless options to work with while building you a custom product that will stand the test of time. Metal fabrication is a demanding process, one which relies upon a great deal of expertise, and as such you will need to find a fabricator with a committed staff and the knowledge to follow through on their promises. Contact Swanton Welding today for all of your metal fabrication needs.