Purification System Filter

Waste Water Separator

This project’s client needed a water tight clarifier tank fabricated. We had to build, weld, leak test, shop assembly, blast, caulk, and paint the tank. In the end, we delivered a completed clarifier tank assembly.

Completion Date

March 7, 2017


All materials were carbon steel


Fabrication Methods

This project utilized laser cutting, press braking, drilling, water tight welding, dye penetrant testing, blasting, painting, caulking, & shop assembly.


Finishing Details

Blasted an SP-10 Near White blast finish. All non-welded joints were filled with a seam sealant caulk. Exterior paint was blue and interior was a Corotech Black.



Largest piece was 14’ x 10’ x 12’



Approx 15,000 lbs


Special Notes