Tire Separator and Hopper

The project involved making a hopper & separator for a tire recycling plant. The hopper was designed to dump truckloads of used tires. It has a motor and sliding floor system that was sloped to feed the tires to the separator, which would separate the tires based on size and feed them to additional equipment down the line.


Completion Date

February 16, 2017


Bristow, OK


All carbon steel

Fabrication Methods

Laser cutting, press braking, welding, painting, shop assembly. Mig welded completed.

Finishing Details

Interseal two-part epoxy paint


Hopper- 40’ x 10’ x 13’ x 18’, Separator- 16’ x 16’ x 15’


60,000 lbs

Special Notes

After the paint had to assemble complete with motor and thousands of plastic shoes.