Accumulator Tower for Metal Coating Process

Structural Steel Tower

This project consisted of constructing two similar towers. The entry side is pictured and the exit side can be seen in the distance. This new customer to Swanton Welding requested the project to be finish painted before it was delivered. These structural steel towers were assembled in the field and required very little need for touch up to the finish paint.

Project Start/End Date: 8 weeks total build time





Greater Detroit, Michigan


Structural Steel, Rail, Stairs, and Special Guarding for Conveyor Chain

Fabrication Methods

Ficep Beam Line

Finishing Details

Blasted to SSPC-SP6 and painted


850 foot of guard rail, 140 stair risers = 12 sets of stairs, Exit side = 40’ tall, Entry side = 53’


180 tons (360,000 lbs) of structural steel

Special Notes

Finish painting