Truck Dump Project

Swanton Welding fabricated two truck dump platforms. These are used in various industries where semi or other large trucks are driven onto a platform for unloading.  After securing the truck, the platform is raised high into the air, and the load on the truck is transferred via gravity into a bin or hopper. 

Our client builds a lot of these, so this was not necessarily new to them.

Swanton was a top choice to complete the work due to our proximity to their job site which is in Michigan. When completed, these truck dumps are very large. Swanton Welding was at a significant advantage over other competitors who were further away, which would cost more for delivery.


Truck Dump Project Swanton Welding 1 Truck Dump Project 2 Swanton Welding Truck Dump 3 Swanton Welding

Start Date

February 17, 2017

Completion Date

June 15, 2017




Structural Steel and Deck Plate

Fabrication Methods

The project had a lot of:


Laser cutting

Press Braking

Beam Line work

Extensive Welding

Finishing Details

The units were sandblasted and painted with a High Solids paint system. All unwelded joints were caulked to keep water from getting in.


Each platform is: 92’-0"L X 16’-0"W X 7’-0"H


54,000 LBS

Speical Notes

Due to the large nature of the finished project, for delivery, we needed a special trailer, permits, and escorts.