Discharge Hopper, Clarifier, Clarifier Structure, Catwalk & Stairs, Auger

We custom built a large Discharge Hopper, a Clarifier used to remove slurry, the Clarifier Structure, accessible Catwalk & Stairs, and a custom Auger for the Clarifier. The most interesting thing about this project was its overall size and the custom auger we built.

Start Date

May 7, 2020

Completion Date

August 31, 2020


Fleming Pit, Louisburg, NC


All carbon steel- structural items, plates, misc.

Fabrication Methods

Plate rolling, angle rolling, machining, beam line, laser cutting, press braking, flux core welding, & hydro testing.

Finishing Details

SP-10 Near White Blast. Coal Tar Epoxy internal of all tanks.


Hopper 12’-10" W x 12’-10" L x 14’-1" H, Structure 36’L x 13’-10" W x 14’ H, Clarifier 52’L x 12’-2"W x 12’-6" H


Hopper- 12,000#, Structure- 22,000#, Clarifier- 55,000#

Special Notes

 We made a custom Auger for the Clarifier.