Benefits of a Career in Welding and Custom Metal Fabrication

A career in welding and custom metal fabrication is more than just a job. From the moment you join our team at Swanton Welding, you’ll receive on-the-job training and have an opportunity to earn certifications that can be built upon to advance your career.Welding and fabrication specialist with welding sparks flying in a dark room.

While many young adults will feel the pull to attend college, some dread the idea. There are plenty of high school graduates who don’t feel very excited about the prospect of spending the next four years sitting in a classroom. Instead, they have a desire to find a career that allows them to earn a living while learning the tools and skills of a trade.

Over the years, a career as a skilled tradesman has been pushed aside to make room for student loans and lofty degrees. It’s important to highlight the benefits you can find in an alternative career path. For many, creating tangible things with both their head and their hands is extremely gratifying. For people who can relate to this, a career in metal fabrication and welding can offer numerous advantages within an accelerated timeline that puts them in control of their livelihood from the very start.

Advantages of a Career in Welding and Metal Fabrication

When you consider the advantages of learning a trade over spending four years or more in college, one of the main considerations always comes back to financial resources. Many who choose trade school over a traditional college begin working in their field while they learn. As they continue to learn more, earn certifications, and become more skilled in their work, they continue to advance. While earning a living in a skilled trade, you can simultaneously gain more knowledge and experience, and as you go you become more marketable within the field. It’s important to remember that not everyone has the means to take on student loan debt even if they wanted to, and many are choosing not to because they just don’t want to. 

Over the years, careers in skilled trades have taken a back seat to careers that follow a degree. It’s an unfair assumption that a college degree is the symbol of success when the skilled trade industry literally built this country and continues to make it better and better through sustainable growth and technological advancements. 

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Jumping right into your career gives you a head start on the experience you need to set you apart. Instead of delivering pizza for four years while you earn that history degree, you’re doing meaningful work that dovetails with the real-world education you are receiving everyday. By the time your peers are graduating college and stressing over finding a job in their chosen career field, you may be preparing for your first promotion.

Talented welders and metal fabricators will always be in high demand. Decades from now, there will still be a need for those skilled in working with their hands. While the tools used may change through the years, the need for those who can operate them will not, nor will we lose sight of the value creative people bring as they transform our visions to reality.

A Diverse Field

From the outside looking in, it may seem that career options are limited, but nothing could be further from the truth. Once you enter the realm of welding and metal fabrication, there’s a whole world of opportunity that opens up. Some craftsmen find their way into management roles and engineering. Others love the innovative aspect of working with specialized welding technology. But all find something they love about their career and find a way to keep growing.

From the materials you work with to the sectors you can specialize in, welding and metal fabrication is a very rewarding and fun career. From large structural welding work to detailed fabricating, what you do is never boring.

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If you’ve been considering a career in welding or metal fabricating, contact our team at Swanton Welding today. Chances are, you’ll be speaking with one of our staff that worked their way through the ranks as well. We can guide you towards a fulfilling, creative career with one of the most innovative companies in the industry. To learn more about joining our team, contact us today.