Custom Fabrication of a 120,000 lb Hopper and Tire Separator

Tire Separator

Our team at Swanton Welding took on a custom fabrication that not only improved the client’s productivity, but the environment as well. Our client was in need of a hopper and tire separator for their tire recycling plant. With this new addition, they are able to increase the amount of tires the system takes at a time which increases the amount of recycled tires.

Tire recycling plants are organized systematically in order to keep operations running efficiently. A hopper and tire separator is essential for maintaining an active and moving line.  Each system works together to categorize the tires that are running through the line. Swanton Welding fabricated each system, weighing in at a combined weight of 120,000 lbs.

How Does the Hopper and Tire Separator Work?

A hopper is a large industrial containment unit that is used to collect materials inside. The hopper is designed to handle mass amounts of tires, such as truckloads, at a time. The hopper is connected to a motor and sliding floor system. Once the tire passes through the floor system, they feed into the tire separator.

The tire separator works to separate the tires by size as it rotates. The appropriate tires are sectioned off and fed down the line to additional equipment. The plant is able to keep productivity up while helping the environment thanks to the hopper and tire separator.

What Fabrication Methods Did We Use?

A project this extensive involved the method of laser cutting, press braking, shop assembly, and a paint job finish. The entire project was made entirely of carbon steel. The hopper’s dimensions measure up to 40’ x 10’ x 13’ x 18’ while the tire separator is 16’ x 16’ x 15’. The paint finish involved interseal two-part epoxy which will make it resistant to water, alkali, and acids.

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Custom Fabrication of a hopper and tire separator for a tire recycling plant can take many steps, but it is a more efficient way of recycling in the end. If you are interested in projects like these, feel free to check out our recent projects page. For any further information or if you are interested in working with us on a custom fabrication project feel free to contact us at 419-826-4816.