The Many Benefits of Custom Fabricated Industrial Bins


Containerization allows companies to protect, transport, and store a range of products without concerns about contamination or efficiency. Custom fabricated industrial bins take the concept of containerization a step further. A custom metal fabricated solution can improve sterilization, increase the life of the container, and improve worker safety. Purchase a custom solution over industry stock containers to optimize industrial operations.

Uses for Custom Fabricated Industrial Bins

Custom metal fabricators accept projects from a diverse customer base. Original equipment manufacturers can use custom designs to streamline equipment and parts inventories for better lead times. Bulk handling and storage facilities can use custom containers to maintain product quality and improve fulfillment processes. A custom fabricated industrial bin may play a role in every stage of the industrial process. Specially designed containers can meet any need in any industry.

Evaluate the Benefits of Custom Fabricated Industrial Bins

Many facility managers immediately look at standard industrial bins before considering custom solutions. While standard bins may work for some applications, they fall short in others. Instead of relying on the same industrial bins your competitors use, consider the benefits of investing in one or a set of custom fabricated industrial bins:

Custom Bins Maximize Space

Industrial facilities often face the distinct challenge of growing within a set amount of square feet. Facility and project managers must often work together to find creative solutions that meet a growing company’s needs without sacrificing in-house productivity. Custom bins enable facilities to design and install bins with the right amount of storage capacity in the right space.

For example, a facility may need onsite waste oil tanks to accommodate equipment maintenance activities. Tank location must meet waste removal and maintenance crew accessibility needs without hindering daily workflows. A narrow, wall-mounted, or moveable tank container would meet the company’s needs better than a standard waste oil tank.

Increase Facility Safety

Industrial facilities that need to store heavy duty equipment and machinery can use custom containers to control employee access and reduce the risk of related accidents and injuries.

Custom containers can improve onsite commodity transportation too. Bin height, access, and rolling capabilities can create a more ergonomic employee experience. User friendly and accessible bins decrease the risks of repetitive motion and straining injuries. Airtight and specialty storage bins prevent employees and the environment from coming into contact with potentially hazardous substances.

Improve Facility Management

Facility managers often search for ways to improve onsite productivity. Custom fabricated industrial bins give management greater control over resources for quality control, inventory management, and efficiency.

Built to Last

Custom fabricated metal bins often perform better over time than their plastic and mass-produced counterparts. The right material and construction should deliver consistent performance even with heavy daily usage.

Meet Compliance Standards

Eliminate the need for industry-recommended bins with a design created with safety, security, and environmental protection compliance in mind. Custom industrial bins support regulatory and production demands.

Custom fabricated industrial bins may serve facility general purposes or a very specific and unique purpose. Consider the outcome you expect from an industrial bin to find the right container for the job. Custom work can accommodate business needs for refrigerated storage, moveable bins, hazard control, and many other purposes.

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