Choosing Custom Metal Fabrication Machine Guards


Many businesses rely on efficient, safe, and performance-ready machines, including computer electronics, robotics systems, and mechanical equipment. Any company can lose time and money because of hardware malfunctioning and user-involved accidents. Choosing custom metal fabrication machine guards often prove invaluable in protecting machinery and workers from harm. Invest in the right kind of machine guard to avoid machinery-related risks.

The Importance of High-Quality Machine Guards

Machine guards are physical barriers designed to control a machinery environment, and they come in all shapes and sizes. Regulatory bodies including the U.S. Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) set minimum standards for machine handling and safety.

Many companies choose to go above and beyond the minimum standards to protect their businesses and employees. Appropriately crafted custom metal fabrication machine guards can promote several positive business outcomes:

  • Machine guards improve security. Many guards feature limited access gateways and entry points. They prevent those without appropriate credentials from accessing the dangerous and sensitive components of a machine. This benefit is particularly important for data centers and mission critical electronics hubs. Machine guards play a role in information security as well as physical system security.
  • They facilitate temperature control. Some machines need to operate within a certain temperature range to deliver optimal performance. High-value equipment can benefit from the insulative properties of custom machine guards.
  • They reduce the likelihood of accidents. Stray rags, falling objects, and operator error are common causes of workplace accidents. Machine guards use metal screens and steel panels to limit contact with high-risk areas of a machine. The right guard can prevent common injuries and associated claims.
  • They can streamline workflows. Manufacturing, data management, and other facilities can maximize profitability through site optimization. Machine guards can minimize the square footage of hazardous areas to improve facility layouts and workflows.
  • They control contaminants. Some machines generate debris while others need protection from debris. The right machine guard can complement any filtration/containment plan for environmental safety.

Effectively used machine guards drive productivity, reduce downtime, and eliminate safety risks. The right machine guard serves as an appropriate investment to support business goals.

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What to Look for in a Custom Metal Machine Guard Fabricator

Machine guards come in all shapes and sizes. Some pieces of equipment come with stock-installed guards, while others feature exposed components. Stock-installed guards may provide some protective qualities but may not offer the user experience a company expects. Custom metal fabrication machine guards, on the other hand, allows companies to build guards from scratch to meet individual business needs. They seamlessly fit machinery and provide a level of durability not commonly found in stock guards. The quality-controlled process delivers durable and professionally crafted guard systems constructed and finished for safety and efficiency.

Protect your investment in high-quality hardware with a machine guard built for your needs. Look for a custom machine guard fabricator that offers:

  • Experience. Real-world experience with industry fabrication techniques makes a difference. Companies with demonstrated capabilities will work faster and deliver a better finished product than those who tackle machine guard projects for the first time.
  • Accessibility. Communication is key during any industrial fabrication project. Get to know the project manager and work closely alongside him or her to ensure project success.
  • Fabrication expertise. Each step of the fabrication process contributes to a successful project, and your fabricator should excel at following design specifications throughout the fabrication process.  

Swanton Welding Company Inc. has experience creating custom machine guards to suit a range of machine needs. We can handle your project from start to finish and deliver a machine guard that will meet your accessibility, production, and safety expectations. Our expert team of fabricators are professional, accessible, and ready to help. For more information about our machine guard work and your next project, reach out to our team today at (419) 826-4816.