Employee Spotlight: Chuck Morgan


Chuck Morgan is many things; a Scout Leader, a volunteer, a parent along with being a valued Swanton Welding Company employee that has worked with the company for over 20 years. Currently, he is Vice President of Operations, with leadership responsibilities over the departments of sales, estimating, engineering, and manufacturing.

Chuck’s Early Career

Chuck Morgan has been with Swanton Welding from its early years. Chuck started out as an employee at Bunting Bearings and lacked knowledge of the welding and fabrication industry. Chuck’s relationship with Norm Zeiter, Swanton Welding’s founder, set Chuck on a new path. For several years, Chuck worked at shop level and worked hard to learn the ins and out of operations. In its rough initial stages, the company lacked many of its modern departments. Alongside Norm, Chuck pushed through and helped with the work of those missing operations.

Chuck’s Career Today

Today, Swanton Welding has grown and so has Chuck. Chuck’s role in the company has expanded as he acts as liaison between departments and manages billing and employee issues. Chuck is successful in his current role because of the lessons learned from his past and the interpersonal skills he has cultivated. Experience has proved to be an excellent guide for Chuck, one which he earned through his tireless work with Swanton Welding.

The Value of Hard Work

Chuck looks for employees that have the character necessary for them to join Swanton Welding. He takes those willing to put in the hard work to get through the training. By nurturing workers through bonus programs, engagement, and appreciation events, Chuck gives them the incentive for the work that sets Swanton apart other companies. By selecting and rewarding hard workers not only benefits Swanton Welding, it also allows the company to better serve their customers and the community.

Serving the Community

Chuck’s time working with Norm taught him that serving the community has its own rewards. Seeing new bike racks in the neighborhood, providing structural steel to additions or creating new stairs for the fire department, gives these fabricators the satisfactional reward of seeing their projects and work that better their local community. Over the course of his 23 years at the company, Chuck has been apart of many successes.  During the mid-1990s, Swanton Welding received an order to provide steel for Northstar Steel’s construction project. Although it was the largest project Swanton Welding had ever done (the project called for over a million pounds of steel), the company completed the order. Chuck was there to witness the company succeed without the experience and equipment available at the time, but has been apart of the growth of the company’s experience, knowledge, and capability to handle large projects. While Chuck remembers the early company as it surmounted its own limitations and inexperience, he continues looking forward in the future of the company.  

Chuck is an invaluable member of the Swanton Welding family We wanted to take a moment to thank him for all he has done for the past 20 years and beyond.