Employee Spotlight-Dalton Sperling

Dalton has been a part of the Swanton Welding Company family for nearly eleven years and is the structural steel supervisor. Dalton is a Swanton, Ohio native who grew up only a mile from the facility, and, as a child, would ride his bike around the outside of the facility, hoping to peek in and see the bay doors open with the orange glow of welders working on a fabrication project.

Dalton Sperling, structural steel supervisor at Swanton welding has a conversation about his position at Swanton Welding.

After high school, Dalton started out working in the truck bed division as a welder, then an installer. But Dalton was most interested in structural steel and became a supervisor shortly after moving into that division. In this position, Dalton has enjoyed the chance to work on a 3 mile bridge pylon project for a Florida customer where the pylons needed to move freely. Dalton thought it was interesting to make this very large and oversized project do what it needed to do. Retrofitting manual to automatic fittings to allow the structure to move was a challenge, especially when the goal was to get it right the first time. Through every step, Dalton double and triple checked before he would weld anything to ensure it was precise. Choosing one project as his favorite was difficult for Dalton, as he has enjoyed nearly every project he’s been able to work on throughout his career at Swanton.

Family is important to Dalton. When he isn’t at work, he enjoys spending time with his family. He has two children, 13 and 8. He enjoys target shooting and reloading with his kids, and watching them compete with each other. Since family is important, Dalton has stayed committed to Swanton Welding Company because the sense of community and the atmosphere of family make Swanton more than just a place to work. He can have fun with his coworkers while getting the job done.