Fabricating Industrial-Sized Storage Bins

industrial storage bin for waste disposal

Industrial-sized storage bins are massive containers that can hold several thousand pounds of weight. Fabricators craft these versatile and useful bins for a wide variety of uses including industrial facilities, manufacturing facilities, storage facilities.

Materials Used in Industrial Storage Bins

Companies may invest in industrial bins made from wire mesh and thermoplastics for their low-cost benefits. Many of these solutions provide successful results for low- to mid-weight applications that will not damage the plastic or wire structure. Heavy-duty industrial applications often call for much stronger materials.

Steel is heavy, rigid, protective, and durable. It will perform equally well in indoor and outdoor environments. Applications that call for long-term handling capabilities in a variety of environments will benefit most from the tensile strength of this metal powerhouse.

Crafting Industrial Storage Bins

Steel fabrication involves many practices to ensure the strength and durability of the finished product.

Fabricators must first cut and shape the steel. Most storage bins feature an angular shape, but some may take on a cylindrical or silo-like form. Each piece must fit specific measurements to create its cylindrical or polygonal shape. The welding process adds strength to the structure and encloses the bin for complete containment. Certified welders use specialized processes to ensure the fittings seamlessly match and complement the completed structure.

Custom-fabricated bins will meet a customer’s requests for load capacity, size, and transportability. Industrial storage bins can range in sizes up to tractor trailer containers or larger and offer fill and access points on any side. Some may even connect to industrial fillers and packers and feature custom openings on the top and bottom. A high-quality industrial storage bin will use the latest fabrication techniques to eliminate vulnerabilities and create lifelong value.

Uses for Industrial Storage Bins

Industrial storage bins made from metal can accommodate many different uses including:

Waste Containment and Disposal

All roll-off containers and commercial dumpsters are effectively industrial storage bins. These heavy-duty bins may hold thousands of pounds of waste at one time. Industrial and manufacturing facilities may use them to remove scrap metal from the premises, recycle, and store otherwise unusable parts and materials. Processing plants may use them to hold unusable animal parts before delivering them to a rendering plant.


Casters and roll-off functionality transform any industrial bin into a mobile transportation container. Companies may use industrial bins to transfer raw mining materials, bulk grain, or mass-produced equipment parts from one location to another. Steel bins adequately contain large amounts of product for secure transference on or off site.

Bulk Material/Product Storage

Industrial facilities may store large quantities of heavy equipment parts, bulk supplies, or mining materials. Industrial bins allow easy access to keep track of inventories before parts move to manufacturing or distribution facilities.


Workers often carry high-value heavy-duty equipment to worksites including roadways, bridges, and oilfields. They can’t haul the equipment back to an industrial center every day. Industrial lockable bins allow workers to store equipment and tools inside a container, lock it, and (in some cases) use a crane to elevate it. Industrial bins streamline offsite jobs for improved productivity.

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