20 Foot Long Glass Furnace Project

I-beams for glass furnace

The skills of the Swanton Welding team were put to the test when they took on a support steel project and completed it in 30 days. A client came to us with the draft of a support steel project which would bear the weight of a glass melting furnace. The client’s design also utilized our custom fabrication capabilities such as blasting and painting.

Project Overview

The client proposed and drew the initial design of this support steel project. It will encase and support a glass melting furnace for the engineered reinforcements industry. Swanton Welding supplied materials such as tie rods, platform steel, stairs, and ladders for the 20 ft tool glass melting furnace. Fabrication, blasting, and painting were customized to the client’s specifications.

Fabrication Process

The project’s fabrication methods include use of Swanton Welding’s Ficep beam line. The CNC drill line is a durable machine that is manufactured to handle complex projects like this one. Due to its design, the CNC drill line machine was able to meet the completion date of this project without any problem.

Structural grade hot rolled steel members and plates were processed using the Ficep beam line to execute the holes in beams, channel, and angle. Certified mig welders made certain that the fabrication and welding met D1-1 standards. Every steel part was topped off with an SSPC-SP6 blast and a painted finish from the GFS spray booth.

Once the final product was finished, the project weighed an approx total of 110,000 lbs. The support steel project is now home to the engineered reinforcement industry. The few finishing touches included Hi-Temp Silver paint to 3-4 mils and Epoxy gray paint to 3-4 mils.

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