The Importance of Having an In-House Certified Welding Inspector

Some of your contracts will require certification

Do not be surprised that most high-profile industries will require you to employ certified welding inspectors to oversee welding. This is done to minimize risk in what is traditionally seen as a somewhat risky industry. An in-house certified welding inspector will be able to ensure that your project is tailored to all the requirements of relevant welding codes, guaranteeing its quality. 

Swanton Welding action shot of welders working on project

You will be able to engage them in advance before starting welding activities as their obligations include pre-production set up. They’ll also begin the process by conducting testing activities like welder performance qualification testing and welder procedure qualification testing. This usually requires some weeks to complete and need to be reviewed and approved before the onset of clients welding projects. This ensures the expertise of those working on your project.

It is good business sense

It is good for your business to have manufacturing processes that are quality controlled. Certified in-house welding inspectors provide that watchful eye. They will help you by eliminating variability during the welding processes. This in turn will benefit you with a quicker result and reduced manufacturing costs at the end of said process, allowing you to do more with the resources that you already have.

It is good quality sense

Not every process of manufacturing has the innumerable variables that welding has. These include ductility, joint geometry, wire feed speed, arc current, arc voltage, base metal chemistry, shielding gas type, filler metal chemistry, and tensile strength to name a few.

It is important that you consider the value of having a certified welding inspector before you start any project. After all, there is a real value in having an expert review your project before you even strike the first arc. In most cases, the certified in-house welding inspector will review of all your requirements and will be in a position to raise caution to areas which will cost more than you need.

A certified welding inspector will have had many years of experience which your business will be able to draw from. They will have seen different pitfalls and successes and the lessons they have learned from them will help your business to stay away from costly reworks. This is why it’s important to find a welding company with an experienced and highly trained in-house certified welding inspector on staff. Fortunately, Swanton Welding is such a business, so contact us today for all of the quality custom welding and fabrication services that you require.

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