Swanton Welding’s New Parmigiani 4-Roll Plate Bending Roll

Most welding companies have a plate bending machine at their disposal. These machines are intended to form metals into round or conical shapes. However, some varieties of plate bending rolls do a better job of forming that shape than others. Parmigiani’s 4-roll plate bending machine is the finest plate roller available on the market today. The purchase of this exceptional product has improved Swanton Welding in a number of ways. Here are a few of its advantages:



Parmigiani’s plate bending machine has an elegantly simple design. The 4 roller utilized by Swanton Welding requires less steps to use properly than a two or three roll machine, allowing for speedier performance. This streamlined process has allowed Swanton Welding to improve its efficiency by simplifying a commonly performed task.


The Parmigiani 4-Rolling Machine also works significantly quicker than the 3-Roller. While this may not seem surprising considering that it has an extra roller to improve efficiency, it’s actually rather amazing what a difference that single roller makes. Multiple tests have proven that using a 4 roller allows you to complete projects 50% faster than a 3 roller does. This means that Swanton Welding is now able to take on more projects than ever before while still being able to guarantee their timely completion.

Automatic Material Squaring 

Another amazing capability of the Parmigiani 4 Roller is that it automatically forms a perfect square with the material, saving us the trouble of going through the process of manually forming it; once again something you would have to do on a 3 roller. This allows us at Swanton Welding to begin your project more quickly than ever before with greatly reduce prep times.

Internal Components

The last quality of the Parmigiani 4 Rolling Machine that really sets it apart from the others is the rotation speed of the rolls. Studies show that most machines of this nature still rely entirely on chains, clutches, and gears to power them. Because of this their drive systems tend to have more complications and break-downs than those who don’t rely solely on such elements. Luckily, the Parmigiani 4 Roller relies on a planetary drive system that is much stronger than other drive systems. As such, it does an exceptional job of controlling the different rotation speeds of the rolls. 

Parmigiani’s 4 Roll Plate Bending Machine is an exceptional product that has done a great deal to improve Swanton Welding’s already exemplary efficiency. The product has allowed us to the opportunity to take on more work, as well as a more diverse range of products. Its simplicity, speed, automatic metal squaring, rotation speed, and much more all come together to form a truly remarkable machine, and one we are truly proud to use here at Swanton Welding.

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