Reducing Costs Without Cutting Corners In Structural Steel Fabrication

Structural steel fabrication is a thriving industry full of skilled fabricators who excel at their craft. To stay competitive, your fabrication company must deliver impeccable workmanship on every product that leaves the shop. And that level of quality workmanship must be maintained even when you want to reduce your overhead costs. So, how is it possible to lower costs without sacrificing the quality of your work? 

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Intelligent Design 

Smart design and proper planning are one of the most effective ways to scale back spending. Strategically planning your project from onset results in fewer components and labor, instantly lowering costs. You can also reduce overall project costs by applying value engineering which includes making changes to methods and materials you use without changing the integrity or appearance. 

Wasted Materials 

Rushing through projects can lead to a missed opportunity to cut costs. This is why proper planning is so essential. Prior to construction starting, all parties should meet to develop a clear plan. It’s crucial that all professionals involved in the project are on the same page and can brainstorm areas where costs can be reduced. Planning and sticking to it ensures that critical steps aren’t skipped, and that work doesn’t need to be redone when mistakes are made due to trying to stick to a timeline. 


Traditional construction requires most materials to be measured, cut, and fit on-site, adding significant time to project deadlines—especially when unexpected errors occur. Structural steel framing can be manufactured and prefabricated in the warehouse and partially assembled parts can be shipped to the job site, ready for installation. Steel can be fabricated with greater precision and efficiency off-site. Due to the ease of manufacturing, fabrication, and steel installation, many construction jobs require fewer man-hours in the field. When production times are reduced, and project deadlines are met early, you save money. 

Accurate Estimateserror

Obtaining an accurate estimate for material pricing is essential. Structural steel is usually priced by weight, so you must have a firm idea of which sections you’re going to use and the meaning of the lettering of each structural section. Consider listing materials in your design on a table complete with the type of section, quantity used, length of pieces, total length required for each section and the weight per linear feet as this will give you an estimate how many pounds are necessary for your project. 

You must also consider the location of where materials are purchased, and the quantity being purchased when estimating structural steel. Warehouse prices generally apply to small orders, while mill prices apply to large orders. These prices differ significantly so planning can help increase savings. 

Experience and Engineering Knowledge 

Working with an experienced turnkey metal fabrication shop means you get a team of experts working for you. Your fabrication shop suddenly becomes an extension of your team. They have the experts, tools, skills, and engineering knowledge to build robust products your customers count on. Working with an experienced turnkey metal fabrication shop can also save you money as it puts the entire project under one roof with one point of contact for you, including fabrication and finishing which will save you time and money as your design moves through production. 

Quality Certifications, Equipment, and Suppliers 

Experienced metal fabrication partners are likely to have the proper certifications, equipment, and suppliers to take your project to completion, saving you money. They will have the right processes in place to meet your demands and will understand and adhere to your industry standards. An experienced metal fabrication partner will have a pre-existing group of vetted suppliers for any needs that may arise with your project. The right materials for your project from vetted suppliers mean your project will arrive quickly without delays. They will also have the required equipment and skills your project needs. 

Complex Assembly Services, Finishing Options, and Delivery 

Standard and custom projects can be completed without issue when you choose an experienced metal fabrication shop. They can provide custom fabrications, give you a variety of finishing options to fit your final product, and handle delivery to the site, even for large fabrication projects. Outsourcing to a single turnkey shop lets you do the design work you need and then hand the rest of the project off to a partner who can complete it and see it through to the destination.

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Choosing an experienced metal fabrication shop like Swanton Welding Company saves you money with our efficiency, souring of the right materials from vetted suppliers, and turnkey ability to oversee the entire fabrication process under one roof. To discover how Swanton Welding Company can save you money without cutting corners or sacrificing quality, contact us today for a quote.

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