Swanton Welding Increases Automation with New CNC Drill Line

Swanton Welding’s production capabilities have just increased with the addition of a second Ficep CNC Drill Line. Our machine, the Ficep 1003 DDVB VanGuard from Italy, is one of only a few in the midwest. Considering just a short list of the machine’s key features is enough to prove that the addition of this machine will allow Swanton Welding’s level automation, as well as our ability to serve our customers, to increase.   

Swanton Welding's Vanguard Ficep beam line.

Faster Manufacturing

Firstly, this drill line can handle a larger beam than Ficep’s previous model, specifically a 40″ wide, 52 foot long beam. In addition to the larger capacity, the new drill line can process several beams at a time rather than just one, meaning that more beams per day can be processed. This will allow us at Swanton Welding to serve more customers per day than ever before while simultaneously expanding our capabilities.

Better Features

There are many more features that make this update an excellent addition to Swanton Welding’s service line. For example, this new drill line has both an in feed and out feed, as opposed to the previous drill line’s single feed. Additionally, this new system has three drill heads instead of one, and the drill speeds and feeds are ten times faster than the old line. This kind of efficiency significantly increases the number of jobs that our company can complete in a single day. Furthermore, with this new line Swanton Welding now has access to the machine’s full etching capabilities. Overall the machine not only does more than Ficep’s previous models, it does it all at a faster rate.

Swanton Welding’s Guarantee

With all of these features, it is no wonder that more people and companies are choosing Swanton Welding for their custom, heavy, and structural steel fabrication jobs. Now you can come to us for larger beams, etching and more. Whether you are domestic or international, Swanton Welding can perform custom work to match the exact requirements of your application. With the new Ficep 1003 DDVB VanGuard you can be sure that your job will be done in a quick and timely manner while still prioritizing quality. Of course, a company is ultimately much more than a single machine. With Swanton Welding you can trust that whatever machine is used, the products delivered to you will be of the highest quality every single time.

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