5 Reasons to Say ‘Yes’ to Structural Steel

Large collection of structural steel beams ready for a new fabrication project.

Structural Steel, wood, and reinforced concrete: there are many different materials that can be used to complete a commercial or industrial building project. When you’re in the midst of a building project, there are many factors to consider when selecting the specifics of the plan. But with a little research and careful planning, many of these decisions don’t have to be difficult ones.

Here are five reasons to say, “Yes” to building with Structural Steel.

  1. Speed: Building with structural steel is rather simple for those who work Construction projects framed with structural steel can be easily completed with challenges being kept to a minimum (depending on the complexity of the structural design). Once fabrication is complete, the structural steel pieces can be assembled to erect a building quickly, reducing the length of project completion dates. Structural steel also tends to be a more precise, accurate medium of construction when compared to reinforced concrete or wood. Precise cutting and bending yields itself to faster completion dates. Finishing ahead of schedule is always an added bonus for any construction job.
  2. Strength: Steel is exceptionally strong, unmatched by other building materials such as wood, concrete or aluminum. The sheer strength of steel allows for structures to rest on smaller foundations compared to concrete buildings. Steel is so strong that can stand for nearly a lifetime or more, a fact that leads to numerous warrantees and guaranties associated with its use. Your financial investment is a solid one when you say, “yes” to structural steel.
  3. Sustainability: Structural steel actually is beneficial for our environment. The metal is nearly 100 percent recyclable and around 90 percent of all steel products continue to be recycled every year in the United States. Structural steel is not only environmentally sustainable, but it is also economically sustainable as well. Steel is very adaptable and can be added onto very easily. That means, there is little to no steel that needs to be wasted to torn down when structural additions are built. The long life of steel means that you can invest your financial resources into other endeavors over long periods of time.
  4. Design: When you build with structural steel, your construction projects are not limited to one-dimensional, cookie-cutter buildings that look exactly like every other building around. Structural steel is the perfect choice for a wide variety of applications, and can be used to frame the simplest to the most complex of designs. Steel is flexible and can be shaped, molded, and bent into a wide range of designs and offers a vast array of building capabilities. As technology has advanced over time, the capabilities and uses of structural steel have diversified as well.
  5. Cost: Most builders are working on a budget. There are deadlines to be met and limited funds to make it all happen. It’s important to take advantage of cost saving measures from the very start of a project. Choosing structural steel offers a ROI that will be around for decades to come. Just how does the choice of structural steel save you money? Fast construction times decrease production costs. This means that you don’t have to wait to see the ROI for several years. The savings are up front. The price of steel has remained relatively steady or gone down in price over the last decade. The same can’t be said about most other building materials. And finally, because steel is a sustainable metal, its use does not have a significant cost to the well being of the environment.

You can’t go wrong choosing structural steel for your next building project. The many benefits of integrating the metal into the framework can offer a sense of security and trust for years to come.

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