How Access Platforms Are Made to Fit Industrial-Sized Storage Tanks

worker secured in safety platform

Storage tanks come in all shapes and sizes. They hold everything from fuel to potable water and often stand tens or hundreds of feet in the air. An access platform is a must-have feature to provide workers with fast and safe access to the tank’s roof and access points. High-quality metal fabricators create industrial tanks and platforms together to deliver a seamless fit and fast turnaround times.

The Access Platform Fabrication Process

Steel or aluminum access platforms must integrate fully with an industrial storage tank to ensure structural stability and worker safety. Metal fabricators often build platforms to ensure proper sizing, determine material requirements, and meet regulatory standards.

Storage tank structures vary widely. Some feature flat roofs with central tank access points. Designs often times include guardrails around the perimeter of these tanks to turn the entire roofing area into a platform for monitoring, maintenance, and other activities. Other storage tanks are narrow and very tall. They cannot easily accommodate rooftop platforms. These tanks may feature offset platforms that connect to the side or top of the tank. Narrow tank platforms may provide access to one specific location on the tank or encircle the tank at a point slightly lower than the roofline.

Horizontally shaped storage tanks require another set of design considerations. These may offer access points on one side of the tank or at the top. These tanks may not sit very high off the ground, but workers will need access platforms to adequately monitor and control liquid and levels within the tank. Horizontal tank platforms may offer permanent or mobile access, depending on the type of tank.

How Access Platforms Maintain Safety

Access platforms streamline tank access, protect users from hazardous conditions, and improve productivity. The platform provides users with a self-leveling floor. If they need extra assistance, they can stabilize their footing with handrails. The length of an access platform varies on the project’s demands, but all platforms are built with enough room for users to carry their equipment and tools.

Inclement weather can cause slips and falls or damage the platform. A slip-resistant and self-draining tread prevents water and ice buildup making the platform less vulnerable to weather damage. Users who routinely travel up several flights of stairs to monitor, adjust, and maintain tank conditions deserve the safest possible solution for storage tank platform fabrication. Invest in a manufacturer and fabrication your business can trust to deliver results over time rather than a quick fix.

Discover Custom Storage Tank Platform Fabrication Services

Swanton Welding Company, Inc. has experience working with storage tanks designed to hold water, surfactants, waste oil, fuel, and fine- to medium-grain particulates. We offer end-to-end services for tank and platform fabrication to deliver a seamless, safe, and secure fit on every project. Reach out to us today at (419) 826-4816 to get started.

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