Advantages of Swanton Welding’s New Press Brake

New Press Brake Swanton Welding

Technology is forever changing and opening up new opportunities for Swanton Welding to bring new products and processes to our fabrication methods. This is evident in equipment we use in our main facility in Swanton, Ohio, our heavy fab facility in Wauseon, Ohio and in Griffin, Georgia.

Swanton Welding is always looking for ways to help cut down our lead times and create new products for our customers. The addition of computer interfaces to our metal fabrication method is taking metal fabrication to a whole new level. Take, for instance, the new press brake recently acquired by Swanton Welding. It means upgraded metal forming with increased precision along with a myriad of other possibilities.

The new press brake is housed at Swanton Welding’s main facility in Swanton, Ohio. It has an impressive 400-ton capacity and can accommodate 14 ft long material. It will be used for metal forming on projects like machine guarding, pans, clips, cylinders, cones, and much more. This PROFORM press brake also features state-of-the-art computerized controls.

What is a Press Brake?

A press brake is an essential piece of equipment in the world of fabrication. It is a tool used for bending, cutting and shaping metal and other materials. It forms predetermined bends by clamping a piece of sheet metal between a matching punch and die. Press brakes can be used for simple bends to fabricating complex parts and structures.


Swanton Welding decided it was time for an update and purchased the new press brake to replace an older machine. The company chose a technologically advanced CI PROFORM CNC Press Brake for its impressive features that eliminate the costly trial-and-error approach used in traditional die shimming.

This press brake has automatic leveling and tool alignment, and tool load tonnage calculation. Plus, it is completely computerized. Its PC-based control combines 3D graphics interface with simple touch-screen operation. It also has remote monitoring via a web browser.

The press brake is also built to last. It is comprised of clevis-mounted cylinders along with centerline loading. That means operating stress is reduced resulting in proper cylinder alignment. Hydraulic cylinders also use hardened piston rods with precision guiding to minimize oil leaks, and the machine’s heavy plate frame is precision machined and rigidly interlocked to better resist deflection.


Perhaps the most exciting part of this new press brake is the advantages it provides to Swanton Welding and its customers. More tonnage and linear feet will allow the company to take on larger projects. The new machine is also faster and more precise.

The computerized controls speed setup and programming times.

New part programs can be generated in multiple ways. Operators can use manual data entry or can draw the part in cross-section or flat pattern. Then all they need to do is select a tooling and bend sequence. A special job setup page displays tool segment lengths and tool locations, as well as notes to improve part consistency. It also allows for better repeatability on duplicate projects. The press brake stores parts in memory to save time on future set ups.

Swanton Welding is ready to put its new press brake to work for you. If you have a fabrication project or need custom fabrication solutions, we can help. Contact Swanton Welding today at 419-826-4816 for a quote.