Importance of Custom Air Filtration in Industrial Facilities


Industrial air filtration systems eliminate dust and other contaminants from the facility for worker health, safety, and productivity. The system design and installation will determine both the overall air quality within the facility and the ease and amount of required maintenance. A custom fabricated air filtration system can often outshine standard systems, because metal fabricators design them with a particular space and set of needs in mind.

The Role of Air Filtration in Industrial Environments

Indoor air quality often falls under the regulatory purview of OSHA. Poor air quality causes more than the occasional cough and scratchy throat. Dust, mold, and chemical gases can contribute to serious workplace illnesses, including chronic asthma, cancer, and internal chemical burns. Workers who feel compelled or forced to work in such environments may fall behind productivity goals and take more time off work.

Industrial facilities such as livestock processing plants, chemical processing plants, coal mills, and many others can face serious financial and legal repercussions if they fail to monitor and control air quality. OSHA violations can result in thousands or tens of thousands of dollars in fines. Workers’ compensation claims from poor air quality–related illnesses add to the financial burden a plant or industrial facility faces.

Protecting Business Outcomes With Custom Fabricated Air Filtration Systems

The right air filtration system plays a role in risk management, productivity, and efficiency. Industrial facilities choose custom fabricated systems over generic varieties to boost the overall value that they receive from the investment. A custom system will:

Improve Safety

Employees who work in a well-ventilated and properly filtered environment can maintain focus on their tasks. Air free of bad smells, dust, debris, and chemicals cannot choke or otherwise compromise breathing. Proper filtration can also stop the spread of illnesses, including the flu or the common cold. It can protect livestock from similar illnesses and reduce machinery downtime.

Filtration may prevent explosions from the buildup of combustible substances in some cases. All aspects of the production cycle suffer when facility managers fail to acknowledge the importance of filtration.

Simplify Maintenance Cycles

Custom fabricated air filtration systems go beyond basic safety considerations to simplify the maintenance process. The right fabrication design will enable team members to easily access and change filters for consistent air quality results over time.

Reduce Environmental Impact

Facilities that choose custom fabricated systems can request recyclable filter accommodations and specify system capacity and energy usage elements. Designers will not only streamline the space but also, deliver a system designed to reduce waste and eliminate environmental toxins without sacrificing air quality.

Consider Custom Fabrication for Your Next Project Buildout

Custom fabrication gives companies greater flexibility and value during and after the installation process. Industrial facilities with poor air quality ratings and inefficient filtration systems can use custom designs to retrofit a space without sacrificing much-needed square footage. A new facility can use custom fabrication designs to create a sustainable environment for long-term business goals.

Conduct a cost-benefit analysis of installing a custom fabricated system over a generic one. An experienced fabrication shop will recognize your needs, engineer a complete system for user-friendly air quality control, and reduce the need for repair and replacement in the near future. Every industrial environment is different. Choose the air filtration system designed to meet industry standards for particle counts and monitoring as well as your company’s productivity and growth goals.

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A custom fabricated air filtration system can keep your facility worry free and productive for years. For more information about custom fabricated air filtration, contact Swanton Welding for a project quote.