Big Structural Steel Fabrication Projects, Big Equipment

Large metal fabrication equipment.

Large structural steel fabrication projects require various components to be properly produced. You need a skilled team of fabricators who can interpret the blueprints and visualize the project. You need facilities equipped to handle the large footprint these projects require, and you need the right equipment.

Large-scale structural steel fabrication requires specialized, large pieces of equipment. In the past, a different lineup of equipment was used, but thanks to technology advancements, we have equipment that performs multiple tasks in the same footprint, increasing efficiency and productivity.  

Below is an overview of the specific equipment pieces we leverage in our structural steel fabrication projects: 

Beam Line 

A beam line is a remarkable piece of machinery, enabling sawing, shearing, drilling, and punching on almost any type of structural steel profile from H and l channels through angles and flats to square and rectangular tubes in addition to a vast array of welded configurations. Beam lines are one of the most versatile pieces of machinery regarding non-standard pieces of structural steel.  

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Press Brakes 

A press brake is an essential tool for bending a sheet of steel to specific angles with precision. The machine consists of a hydraulic press that is used to exert a force on a die. A press brake can be used to create a variety of bends and shapes in sheet metal, including V-bends, U-bends, and box shapes. 

Plate Bending Machine  

A plate bending machine allows the quick formation of sheet metal into curved, circular, or cone shapes. Different machines vary in the speed and size of material they can bend. The scope of your project determines the size of the plate bending machine needed. 

Davi MC4P11 

Our metal rolling and forming services improved dramatically with the acquisition of a Davi MC4P11, the industry standard for metal rolling and forming. The same Italian region that produces Lamborghinis, Maserati’s, and Ferrari makes Davi equipment, and it definitely lives up to those “Made in Italy” standards. 

Davi has the same belief as Swanton Welding in that the final product is a sum of its parts. Davi ensures every MC4P11 they produce meets their rigorous standards by sourcing parts from suppliers that are ISO 9001 certified. 

Ficep Angle Line 

The Ficep Angle Line is an automated steel fabrication equipment piece. This machine allows us to enter various sizes of angle iron in full lengths. For angle iron that also needs punching, the Ficep Angle Line can cut the iron and punch in all the necessary holes. It can be used on any fabrication job requiring many angle cuts without bending. 

This innovative piece of machinery provides many benefits. The operation of the angle line is lightning fast compared to other equipment. When jobs can be performed more efficiently due to a higher quality machine, labor costs can be reduced for certain jobs, as they require fewer steps and less manpower hours. Before the Ficep Angle Line, jobs requiring many angles with holes would previously need to be done on a beam line. While a beam line is effective, the process was much slower, so not as efficient or cost effective as the Ficep Angle Line. 

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Why Choose Swanton Welding Company? 

When used in various combinations, the above machinery can create an incredible assortment of industrial scale, structural steel products, including accumulator towers, catalytic converters, structural canopies, and digester covers as well as boiler stacks, mixing vessels, furnaces, and steel stacks. 

There is little these machines cannot do to an angle iron, steel plate, I-beam, or other piece of structural steel. If your engineer can imagine and design it, our skilled team with specialized equipment can manufacture it accurately and on time. If your next project requires structural steel fabrication, we can help you create a high-quality end product. Contact Swanton Welding for a quote today!