Capabilities for Facility Expansion and Retrofitting Existing System

Man welding a metal plate for a custom fabrication job.

Large, experienced steel fab shops are becoming less and less common. Swanton Welding can deliver the very best in custom structural steel fabrication. Instead of trying to conform your project to some cookie-cutter, off the rack metal fabrication and heavy fab, we have the capability of customizing the project to your exact needs with complete project responsibility and shorter lead times.

Since 1956 we have specialized in carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, and aluminum industrial and construction projects. The custom metal fabrication process often involves metal cutting, forming, rolling, welding, paint, and assembly, and in each area your Swanton Welding team excels using state-of-the-art tools and equipment.

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The Process

Whether your project requires plate, HSS, channels, beams, or angles, the very first part of the process involves cutting shears, notches, punches, or saws. These computer-controlled cutting devices deliver custom lengths, diameters, and shapes of all sizes.

Once cut, the metals are formed into shapes. Both press braking and rolling processes can utilize metals of all shapes and sizes and form it into whatever your project calls for. After forming, parts are welded, painted, and assembled. Once completed, the parts of your structure are ready to be delivered directly to the destination of your choice.

Swanton Custom Metal Makes Impacts Locally

There are many ways Swanton Welding can help you accomplish your project goals. Consider two of our more recent jobs and the impact they had. They truly exhibit how Swanton Welding can give you options for future expansion as well as keeping your own current manufacturing process updated and efficient.

The use of structural steel fabricating by Swanton Welding can pay dividends over both the short and long-term. The Fulton County Hospital in Wauseon, OH, demonstrates what Swanton is capable of delivering for you. In August of 2017 the project was started and completed by April of 2018. Swanton’s contribution to the new wing included the carbon steel structure, bar grating stairs, the handrail pipe, and the flat bar used in construction.

All together, Swanton delivered 325 tons of metal (plus the stairs) to the project. The job also required specialty skills, such as beam-line work, cutting, welding, and painting. Fabrication was completed over the duration of the project in accordance with the initial construction timeline.

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A completely different project also completed by Swanton Welding involved fabricating an industrial conveyor system for a partner in Indiana. Dedicated to the agricultural industry and innovation, the customer asked Swanton Welding to fabricate 12 different 5,000 pound conveyor components. Our in-house team was able to take the project from detail to manufacture.

Each component was 20 feet long, 3-foot 6-inch wide and 8 foot long. After completion, each of the 12 sections was tested within 1/16-inches and fully functional, proving again that Swanton Welding can meet and exceed your fabricating and project goals.

Custom Manufacturing and Your Bottom Line

Once the word “custom” is brought up, people instantly see dollar signs in their eyes, cringing at the thought of how much it will all cost. But structural steel and custom projects by Swanton Welding have a number of cost-saving advantages that can keep your project under budget.

Of course, price depends on a number of factors, including the size of the structure, the metal used, and what kinds of processes Swanton Welding will need to use to accomplish your goals.

Getting the best price and the best final product should be your top priorities. Truth be told, there just aren’t very many companies that accomplish what Swanton Welding can accomplish when it comes to custom metal fabrication, heavy fabricating, and structural steel.

Some others you may come into contact with may promise what Swanton can do, but research what they are truly capable of. Some companies may come in with great prices, but not all custom fabricating is created equally. Again, do your research. Not having the low bid may simply indicate that the machinery and techniques used to create your custom fabricated metal may also require high-end rolling and forming tools, along with the most-experienced fabricators.

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No matter the project, Swanton is your go-to call when it comes to custom fabricating structural steel and heavy fabricating. Contact us today and find out what makes Swanton Welding the right fabricator for your next expansion or new build.