Capacity, Capacity, Capacity.

When you have unique fabricated products that need to be completed on a deadline, the skill of the company you work with makes all the difference. Versatility is something of a rarity in the industry, with many manufacturing facilities bogged down in a single specialization or technique, rather than a diverse range.

Unfortunately, partnering with one of these narrow-focus facilities can leave project managers back at “square one” each time a new project or task starts, struggling to find a new facility and coping with new deadline constraints. While this discovery process may be familiar, it’s also inefficient and ripe for innovative solutions. At Swanton Welding Company, you will not only find that rare diversity of options, you will also experience the expertise that comes from more than six decades of serving client needs.


Built for the Demands of Business

If the infrastructure of a fabrication facility is unable to handle the physical weight of components they cannot truly offer solutions. Our company understands that – as well as the fact that needs change over the course of a project. A smaller fabrication task can lead to larger tasks with each successful step, and in such cases staying the course with a single, professional company like Swanton Welding is your best option.

If you fail to work with a versatile fabrication company from the onset, you will need to navigate problems such as rounds of quotes as well as coordinating pickups and consultations at two or more facilities, resulting in delayed delivery windows that will stall your project. We value your time, budget and effort, which is why our facility is outfitted to handle virtually any size task with expediency. Our turnaround time also stays ahead of your own by design, and we are prepared to adjust, alter or modify on your specifications as needed.

All Sizes and Shapes

Our Wauseon, OH fabrication facility has the clearance that extra-tall fabrication projects demand, preventing the need for additional on-site assembly to compensate. The time and effort saved by this all-in-one approach means that you will have more time and resources to devote to your job site to-do list, rather than worrying about fabrication work-arounds.

With high ceilings and precise lifting and moving equipment, we eliminate the risk of damage to your components, no matter how complicated, wide or delicate your custom finished product may be. Working in pieces often requires site equipment rental and specialized operators as well, but with Swanton, there’s no need to add these costs to your budget: we handle everything for you.



Right on Time

Over the course of more than 60 years we have honed our workflow and turnaround time down to a science. We understand that an entire project often hinges on fast, accurate fabrication and similarly efficient site delivery of welded components. We are ready to work with you to get it done. When a fabricator is delayed or fails to show up to a handoff, the rest of your crew is forced to wait. We consider that unacceptable, which is why we meet every deadline, no matter how large or small, for our valued clients. Trust us with your project – and your schedule – and you will never be disappointed.

When capacity – weight, physical size or turnaround – is on the line, we are a company you can trust to keep things running smoothly. We will work hard to provide you with exactly what your company needs and prove that we are more than worth our reputation in the fabrication business. If you have questions or need a quote, call our heavy fabrication facility in Wauseon, OH at 419-826-4816 or contact us below.


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