Celebrating Vickie Mohr’s 35 Years at Swanton Welding

In the bustling world of fabrication and welding, where the clang of metal and the hum of industry echo through the buildings, one person stands as the voice of warmth and welcome at Swanton Welding – Vickie Mohr. With over 35 years of dedication to the company, Vickie has become an integral part of the Swanton Welding family, embodying the values that make the company a standout in Swanton, Ohio.

From the moment your phone call is answered, Vickie’s friendly voice greets you, setting the tone for an exceptional customer experience. As the talented receptionist, Vickie has seamlessly guided clients and colleagues alike through the company’s three locations in Griffin, Georgia, Wauseon, Ohio, and the main facility in Swanton, Ohio.

What sets Swanton Welding apart is its unwavering commitment to treating employees like family, a principle embodied by Vickie herself. Having previously worked for a company that Swanton Welding acquired, Vickie transitioned into the Swanton family, trying her hand in various departments before finding her niche in the front office. “I enjoy working at Swanton Welding because it feels like a family. It’s a great place to work,” says Vickie.

Her love for people and genuine interest in their needs make Vickie an invaluable asset to Swanton Welding. Whether assisting with inquiries, directing calls, or offering a friendly ear, Vickie exemplifies the customer-centric approach that defines Swanton Welding.

Outside the walls of Swanton Welding, Vickie reveals a surprising and artistic side – she is a skilled woodworker. Utilizing her band saw, she crafts unique handmade items and engages in various other crafts, showcasing a passion for creativity that mirrors the innovative spirit of the company she calls home during the workweek.

Swanton Welding, as an Ohio-based fabrication shop specializing in welding and fabrication, understands that the key to success lies in its team. Vickie’s journey of over three decades with the company is a testament to the investment Swanton Welding makes in its employees. By fostering an environment where every individual feels like family, the company has created a workforce that not only loves their jobs but also treats their colleagues as extended family.

Swanton Welding knows that success begins with its people, and Vickie Mohr exemplifies the heart and soul of this employee-centric philosophy.