The Importance of Being Involved in the Community

diverse-community.jpgRunning a business, whether it’s metal fabrication or any other service, includes a responsibility to the community where the workplace is located. Not only should you care about your employees, but their families as well. You should also take pride in your community and make sure that your business helps the local economy without posing harm to the environment. Here at Swanton Welding we value our community tremendously, enough to name ourselves after the town our company was founded in. We believe that in order to be successful on a local level other companies must respect their communities to this degree.

Community Pride

Most companies are in business to make a profit, but every enterprise should strive to be much more than that. When owners and management only care about money and not the people they employ it can hurt workplace morale. But when you inspire workers to have a sense of pride about their employer, businesses run much more smoothly. Part of a company’s vision should be about how its products and services help improve the local community. Creating job opportunities is a big part of this vision, but it doesn’t end there. An entity needs to reach out further to its local roots and make people aware that it exists for the good of society. Participating in causes and events is a great way to give something back to the community, whether it involves donations or simply spreading good messages about improving quality of life.

Family Focus

One of the things every employer should care deeply about is how well they help the families of employees. While pay and benefits are part of the equation, you should also take an interest in helping enhance family values. Creating or partnering with businesses that cater to family events is a great way to show your support. The more happy families in your community, the more you help increase community pride.

Some of the many ways you can show appreciation for families includes:

  • getting involved with family events
  • supporting local school programs (sports, music)
  • creating incentives that encourage workers to participate in family events

wind-energy-fan.jpgEnvironmental Concerns

Since the environment is something we all share, it’s something we should take seriously. Unfortunately, businesses that only care about profits can cause serious health problems for its workers and community. That’s why moving toward environmental safety is key to helping create and promote an eco-friendly atmosphere. Swanton Welding Company and other metal fabrication factories are helping pave the way for crafting steel equipment for the solar and wind industries, in response to the Clean Air Act. A cleaner environment is essential for improving the health of our surroundings.

How Community Participation Helps

Television stations and local publications like to cover events that involve large groups of people and often interview business participants as a public service. Another advantage to your business getting involved in the community is that it helps build trust with people and can expand your contacts. Sending out caring messages to society has many benefits for enhancing your company’s reputation. Whether you recycle, offer safety tips or sincerely remind people that you exist to help make the world better, you can gain people’s respect much more quickly and for longer periods than if you’re only known as a big money maker.

So take an interest in local issues and work toward progress that benefits your community beyond your business location. Engaging with your community, both your workers and those outside your company, can benefit your business in many unexpected ways. Swanton Welding has enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship with the people of Ohio and Georgia for many years, and will continue to for many years to come. The sooner your business establishes a tight bond with its community the better.