Comparing Quotes for Your Next Custom Metal Fabrication Project

There are many factors that go into choosing a partner for your custom metal fabrication project. When you start outsourcing the fabrication, you will likely take bids from several shops. Not all shops are created equal, and you will see that in the numbers that come in. While it’s tempting to go with the lowest bid, there is more to look at than just the number.

Welder working on a custom fabrication project.

Choosing the Lowest Quote Isn’t Always the Right Choice

When comparing quotes, it’s easy to focus on the dollar amount. But there is truth to the saying, “you get what you pay for”. If a company isn’t going to provide high-quality work, they can afford not to offer a high-quality price. A lower price quoted to you could mean cutting corners on material quality, low-quality workmanship from inexperienced or ineffective fabricators, subcontracting parts of the project to third parties you won’t get to check out for yourself, outdated equipment and processes, lack of experience in customization or your industry, and overall, a partner who is unable to deliver a finished product to the standards you require. Before signing a quote for the lowest dollar, look at what you are getting for your investment.

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Choose the Right Company at the Right Price

Before getting bids, look at the companies from which you are soliciting those bids, and make sure that you are only soliciting quotes from companies you feel confident partnering with. Metal fabrication, particularly custom fabrication projects, require a high degree of experience and expertise alongside high-quality equipment and material. You want to make sure that the entire process can be completed with a staff that values the right certifications, state-of-the-art equipment, continuous improvement processes, and high-quality customer service. You should have a project manager you can rely on to communicate with you throughout the process to ensure that everything from the drawings through the delivery is exactly what you need.

When You Compare Quotes, Look at the Big Picture

Comparing quotes for your custom metal fabrication project means more than just looking at a number. When you compare quotes, make sure you are comparing apples to apples. The lowest quote may be tempting to accept, but the facility may be outdated with inexperienced staff. If a metal fabrication shop can’t deliver a high-quality, finished product, the low price may end up costing you much more due to errors before the project is complete. Rather than finding the cheapest metal fabrication partner, focus on finding a company with a good reputation for producing quality products. Custom metal fabrication requires in-depth knowledge, experience, and attention to detail. It is well worth investing in a partner who can do it right.

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When you choose a partner for your custom metal fabrication project, look for a partner with transparency in their processes who is proud to show you their facility and allow you to see the quality work they have done. When you invest in a high-quality metal fabrication partner, you can be assured that you will end up with a high-quality product, and that is always worth it in the end. For more information about our capabilities or for a quote on your next project, contact Swanton Welding today.