Conveyor Fabrication Project for a Diamond Mine in Madagascar

Conveyor Fabrication Project for a Diamond Mine in Madagascar

One of the best parts of being a custom fabricator with the capabilities we have is working on projects that are sent to all corners of the globe for the most interesting of uses. This particular conveyor fabrication project was completed and shipped to the customer back in 2008.

Project Details

The end product was a tunnel belt conveyor for a diamond mine in Madagascar that moved mined earth approximately 2 miles over several peninsulas to the main land for processing. Swanton Welding fabricated 

all the curved frame sections that supported and carried the belt conveyor up into the air approximately 30 feet above the ground. These were not the standard straight conveyors that you might be used to seeing. These conveyors were curved winding from one peninsula to the next. In addition to fabricating the curved frame sections, Swanton Welding also supplied the support bents that these frames were mounted to.

Materials and Processes

Structural grade steel plate and beams/angles were used in the project. Our Ficep beam line was used for processing the beams and channels. Angle rolls were used for forming arcs into the angles. Certified mig welds were used and inspected by our in-house CWI.

The approximate weight of this project in its entirety was 500,000 lbs. shipping weight.

Protective Finishing

Due to the location of this project, a specialized finish needed to be applied for corrosive protection against the harsh salt sea air. Everything was sandblasted to SSPC-SP6, primed, and them finish painted with an epoxy primer to 10-12 mils DFT at our facility.

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