Fabricating Custom Containers for Auto Manufacturers & Suppliers

Sample Bins from Swanton Georgia Facility.

Car manufacturers have long used containers to move parts. Containers have standardized dimensions, and are easy to load and unload, stack, and haul from one place to the next. Custom fabrication makes shipping containers more useful and versatile. Here are some of the ways auto manufacturers customize shipping containers to meet industry-specific needs.

Containers Can Be Customized to Exact Specifications

There are several different sizes and types of storage containers. Automobile parts are most often shipped in the following:

  • Dry containers – Dry containers come various sizes and can be used to ship most types of equipment.
  • Flat rack containers – These have sides that fold down to accommodate cargo that doesn’t normally fit in standard containers.  Auto makers shipping oversized manufacturing equipment generally use a flat rack container.
  • Tunnel containers – These look just like dry goods containers, but both ends open. Cargo can be unloaded from both sides at once, or finished automobiles can drive out either side.
  • Side open storage containers – Instead of opening at one end, these storage containers open on one long side. They’re helpful when loading and unloading long parts or pieces of equipment.

All these options can be customized to meet the needs of automobile manufacturing. Doors, locking systems, roof design and interior shelving can all make it easier to store and transport bulky manufacturing machines and automotive parts.

Customization helps auto manufacturers at every step of the supply chain. Made-to-order cushioning protects delicate components and sensitive equipment. Carrying handles and lift rings can be customized to make handling easier. Even the color can be modified to reflect your brand.

Customized Containers Can be Used for Storage

Sometimes manufacturers need to store parts and equipment between the time of their purchase and when they’re put to use. These items must be stored securely and safely. Custom steel shipping containers also protect equipment from tampering and the elements, while keeping inventory on-site, so it’s there when you’re ready.

Container shipping yard aerial

Customized Containers Keep Products Safe

Some components require strong support for heavy parts. Engines, transmissions, radiators and axles take up a lot of space and require special considerations when loading and unloading. Other parts, like mirrors and auto glass, need special protection at each step of the way. Customized racks provide manufacturers with solutions for each item. Here are some of the most commonly used containers and rack for shipping automotive parts.

  • Transmission racks
  • Engine racks
  • Axel racks
  • Bumper racks
  • Tire racks
  • Instrument panel/dash racks
  • Steering wheel and mirror racks
  • Radiator racks

Customized containers get product where it needs to go and protects it every step of the way. Less damage occurs during loading and unloading. Products stays on racks specifically designed for their transport. Equipment stays safe on or off site, and you can get to it quickly. All these benefits are available for the lifetime of use.

Metal shipping containers are built to last. Customizing each container to boost industry efficiency just makes sense. Swanton Welding has been providing custom welding and fabrication services for over 60 years. Contact us today to see how we can help customize your shipping needs.

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