A Look at Custom-Fabricated Structural Steel Beams

Custom fabricated steel beams for furnace project.

Large construction sites for commercial centers or new office buildings often feature sizable structural steel beams being hoisted and welded to create the structure’s backbone. Therefore, custom-fabricated structural beams must be of the highest quality to not compromise the integrity of a building. Hiring the right steel fabrication company helps ensure your next building project’s safety standards and quality by providing strong, detailed, custom structural beams.

There are steel beams that come as is for standard projects and custom-fabricated beams welders create to meet a project’s unique requirements. The metal fabricator you partner with bases the custom manufacturing of the steel beam on the blueprints and other engineering diagrams provided. The fabricator then fashions the beams according to the specifications and creates them using the proper tools and technology to match the engineer’s precise drawings.

Custom-fabricated beams are perfect for structures with specific needs and strict requirements, including complex architectural designs. The flexibility of steel beams makes more substantial structural reinforcements possible, and is ideal for intricate designs. 

When to Use Custom Fabricated Beams 

Aside from creating aesthetically pleasing structures, custom fabricated steel beams can be applied in other valuable ways. They conserve space, creating more environmentally friendly buildings with better airflow. They are flexible and can be used for residential and commercial buildings alike. 

Custom fabricated steel beams can be used for ornamental rails, arched roof trusses, curved beam guide rails, roller coasters, and other challenging custom projects. With the right team, including experienced engineers, detailed plans, and a proper steel supplier, welders can produce incredible results with steel beams. 

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Differences Between Custom Fabricated and Standard Rolled Beams 

Steel beam manufacturers follow a universal standard when producing beams for construction projects, and these traditional beams come in various sizes based on standard dimensions. Engineers commonly use standard rolled beams for projects that don’t require custom structural specifications.

Custom metal fabrication has several advantages over standard rolled beams, especially if your construction project’s steel structures are integral to its architectural appeal. There’s a particular level of craftsmanship involved—and the security that custom-made steel beams will fit your project requirements with a precision that you can’t get with a one-size-fits-all standard beam.   

Advantages of Structural Steel Fabrication 

Structural steel is widely used in construction and manufacturing for various purposes and projects. Due to its malleable qualities, it is used to make structural shapes like angles, columns, and beams in different sizes for various applications. There are several advantages of structural steel fabrication, including being cost-effective. 


Structural steel fabrication requires designated fabrication equipment and extensive experience, expertise, and skills to create the best structural steel products. This steel can be recycled and reused without reducing its qualities—ensuring minimum steel waste. 

Professional steel fabricators can produce the required products in less time using the right equipment and skills—saving you additional labor costs. 


Structural steel framing takes less time than concrete or any other material for construction purposes, as they can be molded into any shape. The structure and components are pre-manufactured, and don’t require building and assembling time. When professional steel fabricators create structural steel products using the state-of-the-art fabrication equipment, the overall cost of your project is reduced.  


Structural steel products are durable, strong, long-lasting, and won’t succumb to decay. They also require less maintenance and repairs, ultimately saving costs. In addition, they are highly reliable as they can withstand harsh weather conditions and some natural disasters. Structural steel products can be made corrosion-proof and free from any other chemical attack by coating them with select finishes.


Buildings and other projects constructed with structural steel have fewer supporting columns than those built with other materials. This makes renovations easy as it doesn’t require breaking or demolishing the entire structure for adding on or updating. Additions are easily welded, allowing unwanted structures to be carefully removed, saving money on demolition, and on building a new structure. 

Choose Your Steel Fabrication Partner Wisely 

Be thorough in your search for a welding company for custom-fabricated steel beams. Ask for contractor credentials and look at previous projects. Custom structural beam fabrication may not seem complex, but a welding company needs to follow a proven procedure to create solid and dependable beams. For a highly reliable, reputable, and experienced welding company,  contact Swanton Welding Company from anywhere in the USA for a free quote on your next project requiring custom-fabricated structural steel.


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