Why Work With a Custom Structural Steel Fabricator?

structural steel fabricator Swanton Welding created Steel Beams Piled for Transports

Structural steel is a durable, long-lasting construction material if you find the right supplier. Many industries use structural steel in at least a few applications, but not everyone is an expert on custom metal fabrication. With so many steel fabricators to choose from, it’s essential to find one offering customized steel fabrication.

Saves Time 

Custom steel fabrication can save you a considerable amount of time, allowing you to complete your project on time. You will order materials based on your project needs. For example, if you want the metals to be bent in different designs, the fabricator can do it and deliver it to your project site ready for installation. 

When you order materials from a store, they may arrive in different sizes, requiring you to cut them to certain sizes which is time consuming. Therefore, it is essential to hire a custom fabricator to ensure everything is in order before the project begins. They will understand your needs and apply their knowledge and experience to deliver quality steel for your structures. 

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Saves Money

You can reduce money with custom steel fabrication. The fabricator will only work on a particular metal size, meaning you won’t have to pay for materials you won’t use. In addition, the fabricator will design the metal according to your preference, reducing the chance of mistakes that can lead to needing more materials to fix the problem. 

Working with a custom fabricator with quality steel is a smart move, as buying structural steel from one vendor and sending it to another for customization adds to the overall project cost. 

Design Flexibility 

A custom fabricator understands there is no such thing as one size fits all. If you need a certain shape or load-bearing capability, a custom fabricator can create it in their state-of-the-art shop and deliver it to your site. You won’t have to lower your standards to find something “close enough” and hope it works out. You will gain access to a complete inventory and available customization when you need it, and you can do this without hiring multiple vendors or delaying production to find a new vendor to provide a service you didn’t anticipate. 

Greater Durability 

When you customize structural steel, the experts can protect it from the elements that can threaten its durability. For example, if your project is in a region with a high salt and moisture level, they can apply a protective coating to prevent it from corrosion. 

Custom structural steel fabrication is much more beneficial than mass-production as it helps you get exactly what you need for your build. It is essential to work with a quality fabricator to receive quality services. 

Better Customer Service 

Many businesses experience different service levels from their vendors. You may have one who is less attentive than others. However, by hiring a steel fabricator who learns your business and provides top level services consistently, you will reap the benefits of better customer service. 

When hiring a single skilled vendor for all of your fabrication needs, you get to know their abilities as they get to know your project inside and out. The more projects you do, the more they’ll understand your processes and standards. You’ll create better projects with them, all while building a profitable and efficient partnership. 

Why Choose Swanton Welding? 

Not all custom fabricators have a structural steel division, and not all structural steel fabricators provide custom fabrication of equipment. Swanton Welding is a custom structural steel fabricator providing all solutions under one roof. With decades in the industry, Swanton Welding offers services including metal fabrication, custom welding, structural steel, rolling and forming, painting, sandblasting and more. If you’re looking for a reliable, experienced, turnkey shop, contact Swanton Welding for a quote today. 

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