Employee Spotlight-Jason Fagerman

Jason Fagerman joined Swanton Welding in 1999. Since then, he’s been an integral member of the Swanton Welding Heavy Fabrication team in Wauseon, Ohio. When asked what he does at Swanton, Jason humbly describes himself as the “go-to guy” who anyone with questions comes to.  He wouldn’t say foreman because “I work just as hard as they do” he said, but later admits he is the foreman whom many people count on.

Jason and Ken talking about his time working for Swanton Welding Co.

Jason keeps up to date on all his many welding certifications through Slot Welding. There isn’t much that he can’t do. As one of only two welders at Swanton Welding with a special welding certification, he enjoys working on 4140 projects with Nick Nijakowski, the CWI at Swanton Welding. 

When asked about his family and hobbies, Jason proudly talks about his wife and two daughters, ages 13 and 16. One of his daughters is an avid motocross fan like himself, and it’s a special hobby the two share. It also keeps them busy as they frequently travel on weekends for motocross events. His other daughter is a softball player, playing fall, spring, and summer seasons. 

When he isn’t dashing to a motocross event or a softball game, he’s hunting with his 2008 Bowtech Tribute. The entire family participates in archery and one of his daughters is in the process of getting her hunting license, so she can join her father on his many hunting excursions. 

When asked what he enjoys most about working at Swanton, this humble family man said he appreciates how family-oriented Swanton Welding is, and he loves that they keep him busy. He doesn’t worry about his workload slowing down or being laid off because Swanton has built a model to keep and retain the talented hard-working employees at the company. 

At Swanton Welding, we take pride in our team, and we are so thankful to have such hardworking, dedicated employees. Our people are the backbone of our company, and we couldn’t provide the exceptional service we do without them.