Employee Spotlight: Kody Kessler

Swanton Welding Company is its people, and we are ready to spotlight Kody Kessler, one of our plant managers, who has been with the company for 13 years in the main facility and is a valuable member of the Swanton Welding family. Kody has exceptional leadership skills alongside years of experience working with Swanton Welding Company. As a strong leader, Kody is willing to take on any challenge and makes our company stronger.


A Long History with Swanton Welding Company

Kody is coming up on his 25th anniversary working with the Swanton Welding family. A local from Liberty Center, Ohio, Kody initially came to Swanton Welding Company as an engineer working with a variety of projects and served as head engineer for several years. Over the past twenty years, Kody worked as a project manager for many different projects within Swanton. Recently Kody received his promotion to plant manager.

Ready to Take on the Challenge of Plant Manager

As a project manager, Kody gained the skills necessary to prepare for his new role as plant manager. By filling in for previous plant managers, he stepped up and learned on the job. When the position was available, he felt it was the right time to take on the next challenge and fill the role, knowing that he had the inside information on what makes a successful plant manager. Kody relies on his engineering and project management experience and loves stepping in and handling a project from start to finish. There’s such an appreciation to look back and see a finished project, knowing that your hard work has come to fruition.

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A Career Full of Interesting and Challenging Jobs

Every project is different, and every project has its challenges. When Kody looks back at the many jobs he’s worked on with Swanton, he remembers a conveyor job for the wood industry. This project had a tight deadline and put a lot of stress on the team, but the office and shop were able to rally together to make the customer happy and keep the promises made. Kody loves looking back to see how every challenging project was also a time where the team came together.

A Family Man Dedicated to Building Memories

Kody spends a lot of time at work, but he values his time at home with his wife and two daughters. With one daughter in high school and the other in fifth grade, home life is busy. The family loves to watch Jeopardy together in the evenings and are big fans of playing board games together. Whenever they have the opportunity, they enjoy traveling and making memories together. Kody and his family have been on a few cruises and have traveled as far as Hawaii and the Caribbean, and Kody feels blessed they’ve had these chances to bond together through their travels.

We at Swanton Welding are thrilled to have had Kody working with our team for as long as he has and are thankful that the role of plant manager is filled by someone with such experience and expertise. As we move forward, Kody will continue to take on the challenges of every project that comes our way, and we know with Kody as plant manager, Swanton Welding is in good hands.