Employee Spotlight-Nick Nijakowski

Nick Nijakowski is Swanton’s Certified Welding Inspector and one of the most well-rounded employees in the shop. Nick has been with Swanton Welding Company for over thirty years, working his way up from a high school kid sweeping the shop, to welder and fabricator, to his current position. Nick oversees all the jobs that come through Swanton’s shops. He inspects all the welds and fabrications that are performed for each project. Nick is also invested in the personal development of the welding and fabrication teams. He stays current on the latest trends in welding and trains the staff to make sure all welders and fabricators are consistently the best at what they do.

 Nick Nijakowski CWI at Swanton Welding works on a small piece of metal for a fabrication project.

Nick believes that welding is an art, practice makes perfect, and he enjoys working on the more intricate projects for Swanton Welding. One of the projects he enjoyed the most was a roller coaster project with intricate piping and elbow welding and fabrication. He loves seeing how all the different pieces fit together with their unique connections. Whenever a fabrication makes Nick think, he is intrigued by how best to work through the project. Since he’s been here for such a long time, stumping him is difficult! Whenever anyone has a problem, they come to Nick.

Nick had an unconventional upbringing, as he was raised in a motorcycle family before it was popular in Swanton. Over the years, riders have become more mainstream in Swanton, but when he was growing up, they were some of the only riders in town. Yet Nick remembers watching his parents work hard and instilled in him a solid work ethic. He still loves to ride, and his oldest son just turned 16. Nick has a motorcycle ready for him once he goes through the safety courses, but all the kids love to ride on the back with Nick.

We’re excited to have this opportunity to share a little bit about our employees. Our people make Swanton Welding what it is today. We take a lot of pride in showcasing their talents and investing in them is important to us. We’ve got a great team, and it’s why we’ve enjoyed continued success over the years. To learn more about how we can help you on your next fabrication project, contact Swanton Welding today.