Expanding Capabilities With New Ficep Angle Line

Swanton Welding Company has a commitment to continuous excellence. We invest in the best fabricators, the best training and certifications, and high-quality equipment that will allow us to handle any job or project that is brought to us for fabrication. Swanton has recently invested in the Ficep Angle Line, which will allow us to complete many more jobs more efficiently and effectively, all while saving the customer money.

New Ficep Angle Line to expand capabilities at Swanton Welding.

What is the Ficep Angle Line?

The Ficep Angle Line is an automated piece of equipment for steel fabrication. When using this machine, you can enter in various sizes of angle iron in full lengths. The angle line will cut the angle iron to size. For angle iron that also needs punching, the Ficep Angle Line can cut the iron and punch in all the holes necessary. It can be used on any fabrication job requiring a lot of angle cuts with no bending necessary.

What are the Benefits of the Ficep Angle Line?

This piece of machinery has multiple benefits. The operation of the angle line is very quick compared to other equipment. When a job can be done more efficiently due to a higher quality machine, labor costs can be lowered on certain jobs, as they will require fewer steps and less manpower hours. Jobs requiring a lot of angles with holes would previously need to be done on the beam line. Using a beam line was ultimately effective, but the process was much slower. Continuing to rely on a beam line was not efficient and increased the labor costs of the job.Download Capability Statement

What Kind of Fabrication Projects Benefit from the Ficep Angle Line?

Angle steel that is L shaped is used for many purposes in numerous industries, though most common in framings, racks, or brackets. Many construction projects, large or small, will require angle beams for the framing. The punching is another key component in these fabrication projects, and therefore, having a machine that can handle both the cutting and punching is key.

Swanton’s Investment in the Ficep Angle Line

We chose to invest in this piece of fabrication equipment to help provide more services for our customers. The increased costs and longer timelines of jobs that required many angles with punched holes would make them less desirable to customers. Swanton Welding is committed to investing in equipment, facilities, and employees to offer more services performed more efficiently. This allows Swanton Welding to remain a top choice for all fabrication and welding needs nationwide, and investing in the Ficep Angle Line will help us demonstrate that commitment to our customers. To learn more about our capabilities or to get a quote on your next fabrication project, contact Swanton Welding.Get a Quote