Experience Determines the Efficiency of Your Fabrication Project

No two fabrication projects are the same. From the idea to the finished product, you need to partner with a company who can see you through from start to finish, keep your timeline and budget on track, and address any issues that come up throughout the process. Finding the right partner with the right experience can help your project succeed. 

Welder working on large project.

Starting with an Idea

Ideas can start simply as a sketch on a piece of paper. Throughout the process those sketches are transformed into giant structures or sophisticated, specialized equipment. An experienced and qualified engineer can look at that sketch and begin to transform your vision into proper design drawings, engineered drawings, or architectural drawings.

Addressing the Variables in Your Fabrication Project

Every project is different. There are many variables that go into nearly every fabrication project. Ideally, all variables would be addressed during the planning phase. Yet there are many times when the variables aren’t uncovered until later in the project, sometimes not until the project is being built, or even after the build is finished. Discovering these issues later in the process will lead to more cost and an extended timeline. Looking for, identifying, and addressing these variables ahead of time require an experienced fabrication partner.

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Working with the Right Fabricator to See Your Vision Through

Proper drawings from the engineering team will allow the fabrication team to estimate the timeline and budget for the project, identify the materials needed, determine the proper equipment and methods needed, look for areas that can be improved or optimized, and identify any potential pitfalls that may occur during the process. Working with the right fabricator means that everything you need can happen with one partner. Working with one partner who can handle your project from beginning to end means easier project management, lower cost, and a faster timeline.

The Benefit of Experience

That original rough sketch isn’t sufficient enough to begin production, but in-house engineers in a fabrication team can take those rough sketches, review the project, point out areas for improvement, and get your project started on the right track. In the hands of an experienced fabrication team, a skilled fabricator can begin to ask the right questions and guide you in the right direction through each step, from getting the proper drawings created to having your project completed for the right price, with the highest quality.

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Swanton Welding has spent over 60 years fine tuning this process. We know the right questions to ask. We have the resources to help you move your ideas from concept to final product. In fact, the facilities we’ve built, the equipment we use, and our team of skilled professionals are all the result of the needs our customers have presented to us over the years. Let our experience and expertise guide you and your fabrication project from concept to completion. Contact us for a free quote today.

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