Exploring Leadership and Industry With Swanton Welding

We recently had the pleasure of hosting a group of bright young minds from Liberty Center High School for a field trip unlike any other. Led by their dedicated teacher, Ryan Miller, these students are part of a unique Leadership Class designed to equip them with the skills they need to become effective leaders in their future careers, regardless of their academic backgrounds.

Exploring Leadership and Industry With Swanton Welding-Talking to the students about fabrication processes.  

Miller’s initiative to start this class stemmed from a desire to cultivate leadership qualities among his students. Initially, he focused on enhancing teamwork dynamics within sports teams, where he identified challenges related to unity and collaboration. He soon recognized the broader applicability of these leadership skills and expanded the class to welcome any student interested in honing their leadership abilities.

By broadening the class’s appeal, he aimed to create an inclusive environment where students could come together to learn and grow as leaders.

Exploring Leadership and Industry With Swanton Welding-Students out in the shop watching fabrication floor.

Firsthand Insights Into Leadership Practices

Whether students aspire to pursue careers in business, science, arts, or any other field, Miller recognized the universal value of leadership skills in unlocking their full potential and driving positive change in their communities.

Miller arranges field trips to local businesses as part of their semester-long curriculum, providing students with firsthand insights into leadership practices across various industries. Being deeply rooted in the local community and boasting a team of experienced leaders, Swanton Welding was a natural choice for a visit.

The itinerary for the day was curated to offer students a comprehensive understanding of our operations and leadership structure. Upon arrival, the students were greeted with a brief overview of Swanton Welding, where we shared details about our history, workforce, and overall leadership process and goals. This introduction gave them insight into our company, our mission, and what we believe is important in our leadership team. It also set the stage for an immersive learning experience to inspire and educate them on their unlimited potential for success.

Guided Tour

The highlight of the day was undoubtedly the guided tour of our facilities. Students were divided into small groups and led through our various buildings, each housing a different aspect of our operations. From the HR office, where they learned about recruitment and employee relations, to the fabrication shops, where they witnessed skilled craftsmen turning raw materials into precision-engineered products, every step of the tour offered valuable insights into the inner workings of our company.

One unique aspect of the tour was its strategic order, mirroring the journey of a project from inception to completion. Students saw firsthand how customer inquiries are transformed into detailed estimates, followed by meticulous fabrication and finishing processes, culminating in the final product ready for delivery. This all-encompassing view of our operations gave students a newfound appreciation for the complexities and coordination of delivering high-quality fabrication builds to our customers.

Exploring Leadership and Industry With Swanton Welding-Students outside

A Change of Plans

While originally planning for students to shadow specific employees, logistical constraints led us to adapt the approach to something that ended up being more impactful. Our knowledgeable team members guided the small groups through the tour and provided brief descriptions of key leadership roles, allowing students to grasp the diverse responsibilities within our organization. 

This flexible approach gave them an informative experience and encouraged students to explore many career paths in the manufacturing industry. 

We held an engaging question-and-answer session with members of Swanton Welding’s leadership team. Students seized the opportunity to ask thoughtful questions on leadership strategies and tactics. Each leader shared valuable insights drawn from their years of experience in this industry, and we hope some of our answers inspired the students to consider their own career trajectories.

Liberty Center Student Visit-Exploring Leadership and Industry With Swanton Welding

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The Value of Immersive Learning

The feedback we received from Miller and his students was overwhelmingly positive, affirming the value of immersive learning opportunities like this. Several students took the time to express their gratitude through heartfelt thank-you letters, highlighting the impact of the visit on their personal and professional growth. Witnessing the enthusiasm and curiosity displayed by the students throughout their visit reminded us of the importance of bridging the gap between education and industry to nurture the next generation of leaders and innovators.

Exploring Leadership and Industry With Swanton Welding-Group Discussion

Ultimately, the field trip served as a testament to the power of collaboration between educational institutions and businesses. By cultivating leadership talent and preparing students for a successful future in their chosen careers, we remain connected and dedicated to supporting their professional growth. 

As hosts, we were honored to play a part in shaping the future of these talented young adults and look forward to seeing the positive impact they will undoubtedly make as they step out into the workforce.

We sincerely thank Ryan Miller and the Liberty Center High School students for choosing Swanton Welding for this impactful tour. Together, we are shaping the leaders of tomorrow and building a brighter future for our community, which is an honor to be a part of. To learn more about our company and our strong community roots or to inquire about employment opportunities, contact Swanton Welding today!

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