The Benefits of a Family-Like Work Environment

When a business seeks to strengthen their organization and encourage high-performance, it starts with great employees. To flourish, your staff needs an environment that encourages their input, has common values and goals, and has their best interests in mind. Building a family atmosphere has benefits that will improve your organization on all levels.

What Does A Family-Like Environment Look Like?

Your employees often want more than a paycheck when they come to work. From personal success to the success of the overall company, the ideas of teamwork and unity are central to many employees. A family-like workplace is built on respect, common goals and communication. When these things are present they are built on interactions between individuals. Here are a few of the advantages of a family-like environment:

  • Teams share decision-making duties
  • There is a firm identity and a feeling of camaraderie
  • Communication between supervisors and other staff involves mutual respect and listening
  • Employees get to know one another
  • Employees have opportunities to provide input and feedback

How Does This Benefit The Employer

According to a report published in McKinsey quarterly, family-owned firms generated more income, had greater stability, and were more trusted by their employees. The family approach gives your business an edge as it it has a strong foundation of unity and trust to support it. For the company, this foundation lends certain benefits:

Your Employees’ Performance Improves

teamwork.jpgWhen your workers feel that they have a stake in the business they reciprocate by improving the quality of work. They become more productive as they know their work contributes to the overall well-being of the company.  Because teams feel ownership over the products they are producing, they begin to check the quality of their work and discuss the issues with the team. The work of the team reflects on every individual.

Better Relationship Between Management and Other Employees

The relationship between managers and other staff can become toxic. Employees are less likely to take feedback if it sounds insulting or if they feel intimidated by a superior. Healthier interactions start when management and employees are in tune with the expectations of each party.


Increased Employee Retention and Recruitment

Employees tend to stay at workplaces that nurture them and that they have formed an attachment with. Many companies will see employees remain there for decades and even until retirement. Their job becomes an important aspect of their life.

After a company builds the reputation of having a comfortable, inclusive environment, more job seekers will want to work there. Your business gains the opportunity to implement that theme into your mission statement and increases the employee buy-in. This aligns the employees with the business and opens up avenues for improving employee progress and discovering employee talent.

Fostered by the presence of a work “family”, strong work relationships and camaraderie are assets to the workplace. Employees learn to feel that they belong and are more likely to put that extra effort into the quality of their work and their interactions with their fellow staff.

At Swanton Welding, we understand the value of unity and teamwork. Some of our employees have been at the company for over 30 years. That is no accident.  We value our employees and they reciprocate by allowing us to continue to give the best service possible to our customers.