Fabricating Custom Industrial Platforms

Structural Steel Platform Fabrication

Steel platforms are essential to thousands of structures around the world. Nearly every industry uses steel platforms in some capacity, from food-grade platforms in the food and beverage industry to oil rig platforms in gas and oil.

Many businesses order custom industrial platforms to adhere to specific needs, laws, and regulations. Here’s a look at some industries that commonly require custom steel platform fabrication.

Oil and Gas

The oil and gas industry relies on offshore platforms, also known as oil rigs, to drill for oil and natural gas. Oil platforms are large structures that house a product until the company can bring the oil or gas to shore for refining and industrial sales. Oil rig platforms often have accommodations to house the workers during their time on the job. Offshore platforms may lie on the ocean floor or float. Fixed platforms use steel or concrete legs to anchor into a seabed, supporting an area for drilling rigs, crew housing, and production facilities.  

Oil and gas is one of the world’s most dangerous industries. Workers face safety and health risks such as vehicle accidents, struck-by accidents, fires, explosions, falls, and chemical exposures. The proper custom steel platforms can significantly improve worker safety, providing a safe space to conduct necessary tasks. The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) imposes standards oil and gas companies must adhere to in terms of the work environment. An experienced custom metal fabricator can help companies comply with OSHA codes and other important health and safety regulations.


The agriculture industry depends on custom industrial platform fabrication for several uses, but one of the most important is grain bins. The agriculture industry uses grain bins, or silo storage tanks, to safely store grains, seeds, food, and a number of other products. Steel silos can house massive amounts of any substance without putting it at risk of spillage or spoilage due to bad weather or other conditions. The steel construction is ideal for food and fuel-related storage, since fabricators can manipulate sheets of metal to form a solid ring and one seamless structure.

Steel grain bins come in horizontal and vertical constructions. Vertical is most popular, because it takes up less space on a farm or manufacturing facility. Vertical silos are also typically easier to assemble and relocate. There are many types of silos the agriculture industry uses for myriad purposes. Custom silo fabrication allows a business or individual to select specialized coatings to protect the silo from corrosion, weather, pests, and contamination. When you custom order a silo, you can select from a variety of materials and paint colors to reflect heat, protect against inclement weather, or other issues that matter to your situation.


Manufacturing plants around the world utilize custom industrial platforms, ladders, equipment, tables, and more. Manufacturing companies need custom work platforms to suit the ergonomic and safety needs of workers. Factory employees are susceptible to work-related injuries such as slips and falls, ladder accidents, crush injuries, and caught in or between injuries. The right custom-made equipment can help prevent such accidents with accommodations such as:

  1. Height and clearance considerations
  2. Step treads
  3. Material types
  4. Finishes
  5. Locking mechanisms
  6. Hand rails
  7. Additional accessories

No two manufacturing companies are the same, so no two steel platforms should be, either. Each company deserves custom fabrication to adhere to the needs and safety concerns of its individual workers. Custom fabrication is the only way to meet the demands of a specific manufacturing plant. If you’re on the market for a custom industrial platform, come to Swanton Welding, Inc. Our custom metal fabrication services can accommodate your needs, contact us for a free quote.

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