Fabricating Large Industrial Ductwork

As a focus on a greener environmental and better air quality clients are often interested in the fabrication of large ductwork for new manufacturing facilities and existing retro fits .The fabrication and welding methods that Swanton uses for large ductwork are completed by certified welders and conform to your standards and specifications. The equipment and experience of Swanton Welding Co. allows us to form, roll, fabricate, blast and paint large and small diameter ductwork, stacks, and baghouses.

Large industrial ductwork in a factory setting.

What is Considered Large Industrial Ductwork?

Standard residential and commercial ductwork incorporates round ducts up to a diameter of 18 inches, or rectangular ducts that are about 24 inches by 8 inches. The size of the duct corresponds to the air volume needs. In an industrial or manufacturing facility, these residential style ducts would not be efficient. They would overwork the system and deliver subpar results.

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Large industrial ductwork can support large volume heating, cooling, and ventilation. It can keep pace with air volume requirements by featuring massive airflow passageways. All of these air volume requirements are calculated by engineers to maximize performance while making sure air quality is well within regulation. Large ductwork is most appropriate for facilities that process wood, handle chemicals, produce metals, refineries and food processing to name a few.

The Importance of Large Ductwork

Air quality is regulated by both OSHA and the EPA, so having the right ductwork size and design will not only improve working conditions but will ensure that the facility meets regulatory standards. When considering a large ductwork installation, consider the current air quality measurements and the size of the industrial space.  At Swanton, we know that customers play an important role in the design of large ductwork.

Fabrication of Large Ductwork

Swanton has a proven track record of supplying large and complex fabrications for many industries, including utilities, mining, oil and gas, industrial, solar, and alternative energy. Although large ductwork is just a small piece of our heavy fabrication capabilities, it is an important one. Swanton has the manufacturing space and manpower available for massive ductwork structures. Your large ductwork project can be completed from start to finish. Your ductwork project can be fabricated with carbon steel and stainless steel.

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Rolling Capabilities

Swanton has the newest and most innovative equipment with a complete rolling facility that can meet all needs, including large ductwork. Our forming methods include press breaking, straightening, rolling, and heavy lifting. We can take your ductwork project from prototype to completion as quick as anyone in North America.

Swanton Welding Company has the capabilities and equipment for the fabrication of large industrial ductwork and support structures, which is crucial to airflow and ventilation in your facility. We use high quality materials and best practices to ensure that your project is completed to the most rigorous standards in a timely manner with highly skilled workmanship. Contact us to learn more about our custom fabricating capabilities and to set up some time to discuss your next industrial ductwork project.

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