Fabricating a Watertight Sealed Water Clarifier

clarifier tank work in progress at Swanton Welding

A clarifier tank is vital to treating waste water and our custom fabrication team are just the right guys for the job. Swanton Welding custom fabricated a Water Clarifier, a waste water separator designed with a water tight clarifier tank. Waste water separators are needed when dealing with large bodies of water at a water treatment plant.

What is a Clarifier Tank?

A clarifier tank cleans the water by filtering out solids from sedimentation. These solids may float to the top of the tank or sink to the bottom depending on their density. Heavier solids tend to sink while the less dense solids float to the top. As solids float or sink, the clarifier works to separate them from the water. A clarifier tank must be leak proof, so this project was structured with a watertight seal.

Waste Water Separator Fabrication Methods

It only makes sense that this project was created from carbon steel for strength and durability. Methods like laser cutting, press braking, blasting, water tight welding, and many more were used to fabricate this project. The largest piece measured around the 14’ x 10’ x 12’ range. This project weighed a total approximate of about 15,000 lbs.

Finishing the Project

With most every fabrication project, there are finishing details. This project was blasted with an SP-10 Near White blast finish. Then, all non-welded joints are filled with a seam sealant caulk. The project’s paint finish covered the exterior and interior of the tank: the exterior paint was blue and the interior was a Corotech Black. When the clarifier tank was finished, it was delivered to the client fully assembled.

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The fabrication process can take many steps, but a clarifier tank is a more efficient way of separating waste from the water. If you are interested in projects like this, feel free to check out our recent projects page. For any further information or if you are interested in working with us on a custom fabrication project, feel free to contact us at 419-826-4816.