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When you think of the midwestern United States, a few things come to mind. A strong work ethic, great hospitality, and beautiful wide-open spaces. Of course being America’s breadbasket is an important aspect, but the Midwest also plays a huge role in the country’s manufacturing industry.

Manufacturing in the Midwest

The twelve-state region that encompasses the Midwest may be most famous for their food production, but a big industry in the Midwest is manufacturing. It encompasses 12 states including Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Ohio, and Wisconsin. Goods made in the Midwest account for 30 percent of the nation’s total manufacturing.

There’s no doubt about it. Even though the manufacturing industry has gone through something of an evolution over the last decade, it’s the ability to adapt and change that seems to be the best quality of some of the Midwest’s top manufacturing giants.Download Capability Statement

One of those titans is Swanton Welding, with their home base located in Swanton, OH. With other facilities in Wauseon, OH, and Georgia, they represent what makes midwestern manufacturing such a big industry.

Midwestern Metal

Like so many major companies in the Midwest, Swanton Welding started out small with a single employee, George Kern, in 1956. George got his start in the industry servicing the farm community. But it wasn’t long before Swanton Welding became much, much more.

As a company that supplies not only the United States but also the world market with custom welding and metal fabrication, Swanton Welding realized early on how valuable it is to be in manufacturing in the Midwest.

It’s already been mentioned that midwesterners are synonymous with hard work. Manufacturing plays a big role in the economic health of the communities, and supplies roughly 10 percent of the total jobs across the 12 state region. The Midwest has an advantage when it comes to moving those manufactured goods to market. Rail lines, interstate highways, and a plethora of waterways means it’s easy to get products to those who need them all over the world.

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Keeping Communities Alive

It’s companies like Swanton Welding and the employment they provide that helps keep the small towns and tight-knit communities thriving. The economic optimism index generally sits right around 70 in the Midwest, and that’s thanks to a stable industry.

Swanton Welding is a beacon for highly-skilled welders and metal fabricators who want to drive the engine of industry-not just in the Midwest, but around the world.

The diversity of projects that Swanton Welding handles on a daily basis is part of the reason they are viewed as an almost one-of-a-kind business. Their facilities account for almost 600,000 square feet of production space. Custom steel, structural steel and aluminum fabrication, custom welding, rolling and forming, painting and blasting and CNC machining are just some of the services Swanton Welding offers across their manufacturing facilities.

They have the capability to take your blueprints of a large building structure and begin the fabrication in-house. Creating a metal framework from structural steel and i-beams, Swanton can complete the process of welding parts together in preparation for the construction of your large project, and has the means to ship those assemblies worldwide.

Looking Ahead to the Future

Across the Midwest, you’ll find industries that are proud to call the region home. They can trace their roots back through their communities, and companies like Swanton Welding realize that a strong foundation is important in business.

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From our facilities across Ohio, Swanton Welding reaches out to touch the world. For your next custom metal fabrication or custom welding project, contact our experienced team at Swanton Welding. Our master craftsmen weld structural steel with precision, welding in such a way that reduces overall weight while still delivering strong welds. Our experience shows, and our reputation has led us to become an industry leader. We’re sure we are the perfect partner for your next build. Contact us today.