Finding the Right Steel Detailing Company

Finding the Right Steel Detailing Company

Steel detailing, the process of creating steel structure concept drawings, plays an important role in the construction industry. This process creates engineered drawings steel fabricators and erectors use that indicate size, orientation, and location in a three-dimensional space. These detailed plans allow the fabricator to build steel pieces per your design and make it possible for the erector to install the pieces on site. Steel detailing can provide drawings for an array of objects, including trusses and columns, used in building a variety of structures. Getting these drawings done correctly is crucial for a project’s success.

Know the Types of Steel Detailing

The industry uses two styles of steel detailing erection drawings and shop drawings. A steel erector depends on the erection drawing for assembling the structure on site. The drawing indicates precisely where and how to arrange the item. The instructions will include dimensions for arranging the pieces among other items on site, as well as any specific instructions or requirements needed during or after the installation. This last part details any remaining work that we could not do in the shop.

The shop drawing is used in fabrication facilities. This includes detailed prerequisite work to be done prior to fabrication and instructions for making each piece. The steel detailing artist will add material specifications, dimensions, piece sizes, and anything else the fabrication shop needs to know for completing the parts.

errorPicking the Right Detailer for Your Project

Any construction or manufacturing job needs a steel detailer. They play critical roles in project development and production and make even the most complicated projects simple to implement. Ensure the company you visit is familiar with the requirements for drawing designs, complies with these rules, and follows all standards and protocols set forth by the industry and the American Institute of Steel Construction and the American Welding Society. The company must submit drawings to an architect or structural engineer for thorough examination before releasing them to a fabrication company.

Swanton Welding Now Offers Detailing Services

You may have a hard time finding a steel detailing company you can work with. We can help you complete this crucial prerequisite for any project. We offer detailing services through our facilities in Ohio and Georgia. By offering this service to our customers, we are able to adjust and maintain the structural integrity of your fabrication and structural steel project in house.  

Swanton can provide detailed drawings using the latest technology.  This will ensure you get the exact drawings required for your structure to be built properly. We make use of three-dimensional design processes that, while still new, allows engineers to see the structure they are designing and spot any mistakes, complete virtual stress tests, and give the customer a computerized view of their building.

Our ultimate goal is to offer you, the customer, a range of services focused on making your dream a reality.

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Swanton Welding stands ready to help bring your next construction project to life.  We want to provide you the ultimate service, from idea to fabrication and into the real world. Contact us today to get a quote for your next design project.