How to Determine if a Metal Fabrication Shop Can Handle Your Project

There are many metal fabrication shops to choose from, and it can be difficult to determine the right partner. Before considering who will do your fabrication work, it’s important to determine if a metal fabrication shop can handle your project. By asking the right questions, you will know who is a good fit to partner with on your next fabrication project.

Welding on a custom metal fabrication project.

What are Their Capabilities?

Before you contract with a metal fabrication shop, it’s important to understand their capabilities. Do they have the equipment, materials, staff, and production capacity that you need for your project? In addition, are they able to handle the project from start to finish? Different projects have different requirements, and a shop that works for one project may not work for another. Before you start looking at different metal fabrication shops, determine what capabilities your project will require, and ask the shop if they are prepared to handle them.

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Do They Have Industry Specific Experience?

While there are consistent needs for metal fabrication, different industries do have different requirements, and experience is important. You want to choose a metal fabrication shop with experts on staff who have experience in your industry. These professionals will be able to handle your project competently, from start to finish.

Do Past Projects Reflect the Quality You Want?

When you look at a metal fabrication shop, look at their past projects and talk to those clients. Are the clients happy? Do the projects reflect the quality you are looking for? A good fabrication shop will be happy to provide you with references and samples of their past work so you can see first-hand for yourself.

How Do They Treat Their Customers?

Even if the end product looks good, it’s important to talk to past clients as well. How well does the fabrication shop communicate during the process? How was the customer’s experience? Was the shop reliable? Did the project come in on time and within budget? It is extremely important for the metal fabrication shop you choose to not only have the equipment and materials needed, but to have the right staff to work with, too. You’ll be counting on your project being completed both on time and within your expectations, so an accurate quote is important.

Do They Follow Strict Quality Standards?

The metal fabrication shop you choose to partner with will have strict quality standards that they hold themselves to. Quality should never be something that you cut corners on. Ask the fabrication shop how they measure and maintain quality standards. Well formed parts make for fewer complications, easier assembly, and stronger builds.

Is the Staff Qualified?

It’s important to know that those working on your project are not only qualified, but hold the correct certifications necessary for their responsibilities. Your metal fabrication shop should also be well versed in safety and OSHA rules, with the right chain of command to handle any issues. Your partner needs to be compliant to your industry standards, and certifications and OSHA practices will help ensure your end product meets those standards.

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The next time you bid out for custom metal fabrication, think beyond simply choosing the lowest bid, and consider what goes into it. Is “pretty good” going to be good enough for your project? Or do you expect performance that matches your own high standards?

Choosing a metal fabrication partner should not be a part of the project to rush through, but a time to do your due diligence and make sure that the shop you partner with can handle your project from start to finish and meet your expectations throughout the build. Swanton Welding has been an industry leader for decades, and our success is based on the high standards we follow to create high-quality products for our customers. If you’re looking for a shop to partner with for your next project, contact us for a quote.